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3 Must Haves to Feel More Confident With Men You Find Attractive

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Are you familiar with Cardi B?

She kind of inspired this message to you. You see, Cardi B is an ex-stripper turned rapper who’s hit single “Bodak Yellow” reached #1 on the Billboard charts.

I didn’t know who she was but I kept hearing her song being played and remixed at baby showers and such. So I looked her up, and watched a couple of her interviews from like two years ago.

Though I’ve never stripped publicly, I’ve secretly admired a stripper’s confidence.

So in today’s video, I share 3 things you must have to feel more confident with men you find attractive.

I’ll share more of what you need on Wednesday’s live training.

Click below to watch today’s video so you can apply the 3 Must Haves

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