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4 Dating Red Flags Women Must NEVER Ignore

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 There are certain signs that a woman must NOT ignore if she wants a masculine man. Since you’re here, I know that you want to be tamed. You want a man who can handle a woman like you.
Well in this week’s video, I share four red flags that the discerning, alluring woman must pay attention to if you want to a relationship with a masculine man.
Watch below to discover the four red flags.

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  1. Joy Stevens

    This was really helpful. I do have a question about red flag #3 when you say argues with women, does this mean he want have a back and forth with a woman face to face /phone or is this meaning his emotions wi’ll be controlled when having an argument?

    1. Monique Head

      Both and you’ll know because she doesn’t get sucked into a woman’s emotions and respond rashly. But, use your judgment.

  2. Joy

    Thanks so much Monique. I always had gut feelings about some of these things but I didn’t identify them as red flags. Also, I didn’t consider the internet trolling or him specifically choosing younger or older women. Thanks so much.

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