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5 things confident women do to win with the man of their choice

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What I have for you are five things that confident women do differently in order to win the man of their choice and to win with the man of their choice. I wrote some things down, so I’m just going to jump into it. Shall we?

#1. She fascinates men through her feminine appearance and her Feminine Allure™. I had done a video a few months back, which describes the difference, which really identify the secrets to femininity and the differences between feminine appearance and allure. Feminine appearance is important not only because men are aesthetic creatures, but also because you really want to present yourself in a way that is worthy of your true character.

Recently, my husband’s fraternity brother shared with him that he is interested in meeting a woman and building a life with someone because the women that he meets, he doesn’t feel like they really have it going on. I’m like, “That sounds familiar because that’s exactly what women are saying too.”

He told him, “maybe my wife would know somebody.”

There were two women that I know. They’re both in their 40s, and this gentleman is also in his 40s. He’s a homeowner. He’s a nice looking man. He’s a business owner. So when I shared with my husband, John, I said, “What about lady A and then lady B?” He was like, “No, not lady A. She just looks kind of … ” The way that she presents herself is like she doesn’t have time.

The other woman looks more youthful. She has a more youthful vibe to her. You can tell the difference in the colors that she wears, in the clothes that she wears and her make up, in her overall appearance.

Here’s what I’m saying, it’s not for you to say, “Oh, well he just will have to love me for me and this is just who I am,” because the older we get, the more difficult it is to get back on that horse and sometimes we can just give up and resign ourselves to a certain way of being.

The truth is, you deserve better. You can present yourself in a way that is worthy of your true character. Looks do matter.

I know that I’m attracted to beautiful things. Remember that marketing principles apply to relationships. I have this box that carried Valentina perfume. I’ve had this box for such a long time because of its aesthetics. It appeals to my aesthetics and there are certain things so beautiful that I just cry when I see them.

I say this to say that it does make a difference in terms of market value and how it’s positioned, packaged, and promoted in the market, that really depends on its price. Same thing for a $30 or $40 Kate Spade candle I have. It smelled really good, which is important because it’s a part of the feminine appearance. It really appealed to me at that time and I just said, “I really want that.” That’s why I say that feminine appearance is important. You can present yourself in a way that is really, truly deserving of your character.

#2. The second thing is that you want to have an absorbing interest in life. You want to have an absorbing interest in your own life. This is really important because the pressure isn’t on the man in order to make you happy. I was speaking to a gentleman, Derek Tripplet, for a masterclass I hosted called Saved, Successful, and Single. One thing he shared was that men want to “find a happy woman and make her happier.”

Your ability to have an absorbing interest in your own life is really important. If you’re in the habit of work, church, home, grocery store, and gym, we have to build up some other things into that routine so that you’re not looking for a relationship in order to escape your own life.

#3. The third thing is that she knows what she wants. Her end game is clear. When a woman’s end game is clear, she’s not really attached to the outcome. She’s not really attached to what happens in between time because she knows that every situation is bringing her closer to what it is that she wants and she can deal with every situation, even failed relationships.

I don’t even like to call them failed relationships. The way I see it, they just didn’t work out. It’s not until I started having conversations and doing this work that I hear women call relationships, “failed relationships”.

I want to encourage you to adopt a mindset that allows you to see every relationship as bringing you closer to your ideal man. See every relationship. Separate the good from the bad and adhere to what’s good. See that as a demonstration of what God has for you going forward.

And, you can have fun. You can go out with men and not be attached and still make it fun. Meeting people, meeting men is fun. It’s great. But you have to have an opportunity to really see them and actually receive them. When I met my husband, I wasn’t really interested but my mindset was, “Well, if he wants to take me out to eat, I got to eat.” What the harm in that?

#4. Number four is that she’s self-sufficient. She’s self-sufficient and she is able to balance that self-sufficiency, which can be misinterpreted as independence, by knowing how to invite men to journey with her. She doesn’t have to do it all. She doesn’t have to say that “I got it”. She invites men to journey with her without robbing them of the pleasure of making her happy.

When a woman is able to show up in this way, meaning that…

  • yes, you can do it for yourself
  • yes, you can be a problem solver


… you are inviting men to journey along with you. This sets you up to win because men get to see you as a partner. Then, you can also discern, “is this someone that you can see yourself building a life with?” This is what it’s going to take for you to win with the man of your choice.

This is more than what we can really get to in a seven and a half minute video but this is what I teach in the Feminine Allure Academy. There’s so many other advanced strategies that I go into that helps you to own your femininity, attract the right man, and really create that purposeful relationship.

#5. Number five is that she triggers attraction. She has this sense of sassiness and pert about her. I think about the book, “Why Men Marry Bitches,” because men really don’t like the nice girls. Just like nice men finish last, nice women finish last too.

You have to be able to create an emotional bond. You have to be able to touch a man emotionally and create tension in a way that’s going to serve you. That’s a high level strategy.

That’s something that I teach to be able to create an emotional tension that creates the connection that’s going to lead to commitment, because connection equals commitment.

Once a man is able to feel a connection with you and he doesn’t feel like you’re a doormat or you’re running around, not only does that build trust but it really does build attraction.

I hope that these five tips serve you as a starting place for what you can do right now or begin to open you up mentally about what’s possible for you so that you can win with the man of your choice. If you’d like take your approach to the next level to get real results, enrollment in the Feminine Allure Academy is now open. CLICK HERE for more details. 

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    1. Monique Head

      This is only a piece of the puzzle. There’s deeper and more internal work to be done to discover what’s keeping you stuck. Since I don’t know you, I can’t answer without more context.

  1. Loretta Romito

    I am def a woman of faith and I pray someday that someone special will present himself. (I’m 59)…however the reason for writing is to let you know you are absolutely wonderful and I thank you for blessing all of us with your gifts 🙂

  2. Dear miss monique, i have subscribe for the f. allure series but i still dont have the vídeos yet when do i get them.i also describe for the breakthrough call but i get not availubel. Love Riane

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