Use The True Secrets of Femininity to Become the Woman Men Chase

What if attracting men were as natural as taking your first breath in the morning? 

What if you had the perfect splash of intrigue, making heads turn everywhere you go? 

What if you knew how to make men pursue you, and want to be with you forever?

What if you embraced femininity as your secret weapon to making life easier? 

Here’s What You Need to Know Right Now

-You have the gift of Feminine Allure™ . A sensational, womanly power that sparks wildfires of attraction, desire, action, and commitment. 

-You are blind to your own charms. You’re not exactly certain what triggers men to hunt you down and claim your love. If you did, you’d be a love magnet. 

-You are wearing the biggest “Do Not Disturb Sign” and you don’t even know it. Fear blocks men from seeing you, becoming attracted to you, and chasing you. That’s why you’re not seeing what you want out of love.

Whether you’re scared you’re not good enough, disbelieve that love and happiness are available for you, or throwing yourself in work to numb your loneliness, it’s time to stop the madness. 

Hosea 4:6 advises that people perish from lack of knowledge. You’re aware there is an issue, and you’re sick and tired of being single.

Knowing is half the battle, and now that you’re aware of your challenges, it’s time to stop this vicious cycle.

I know what you're dealing with.

  • You're tired and drained by the men who seem serious at the beginning but don't commit
  • You feel yourself tense up around a man you like, and after it's over you ask "why?"
  • You crave a good and honorable man instead of unhealthy playboys.
  • You agonize over whether you’re meant for a relationship because you haven’t experienced anything real and true with men before
  • You’re constantly wondering, “God, where is he? When are You sending him?”
  • You’ve “let go and let God,” but you don’t really believe God will make it happen for you when it comes to love.

You're Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Although you’re genuine, confident, and worthy of love, you have to make the effort to shift into - and stick to - the proper vibration to receive the love you desire. 

It’s irritating to hear someone tell you that you have to make an effort to shape up in some way while men get off easy. But the way you’re showing up in the world is blocking you from the right man. 

You can know and declare to all who hear that you are a queen. But anytime you struggle to exude mesmerizing, alluring energy, you’ll fail to inspire any man to take action.

Now listen. You can try to do this by yourself. Many women have figured it out independently, and many will continue to do so. 

You can get advice, read articles, and watch all the YouTube videos you want. But if you’re not owning your femininity as a form of influence, you’re not showing up in an attractive way. In fact, you’re working against God instead of with Him, and then wondering why it’s not working out. 

All the stuff you read online or chat to your girlfriends about won’t work because the journey to love starts deep within. 

Deep, transformative love - the kind you’re craving from a man - starts with you. You must feel ready, capable, and confident that you can attract the man you want - long BEFORE he crosses your path.

Shifting into your femininity, relaxing, and allowing your power to work for you can be scary and unsettling. But it works. Masculine energy cannot help but be attracted to femininity. 

If you’re open to learn the secrets of relaxing into your femininity and using your natural allure to transform your interactions with men, that’s what I’ll help you do in my new jumpstart program, Attract a Man You Want.

Join Attract A Man You Want NOW

Attract A Man You Want is a 12- week relationship readiness program that focuses on the inner work as well as the practical skills (both spiritual and romantic). It's for the woman who wants to blossom into the best version of herself and embody her femininity, yet doesn't know how. 

It takes the effort off of performance (including the need to “look” a certain way) and puts it on connection, which is what men truly desire from you.

Attract A Man You Want is perfect for you if you know you want love, but want to make sure you’re polished and prepared to claim your heart’s desires.

Here's What You Get When You Join

  • Seven (7) Allure Boosting Self-Study Training Modules
  • Three (3) Live, Interactive Q&A calls each month with Monique on Tuesdays at 7:00pm EST
  • Access to the AAMYW ‘Members Only’ Facebook Group where you’ll find community and support from like-minded women.
  • Access to Recordings of Your Q&A Calls
  • Training Materials and Handouts

Module #1 Get Crystal Clear On Your Vision and Values

We identify the type of man you desire and wish to meet. We start here because it's vital that you feel focused and secure in yourself so you can trust your decision making. 

Module #2 Be The Love You Seek

We examine where the leakage is happening and strengthen your mindset by clearing beliefs, history, and past hurts so you can create love. By releasing the fear and unwanted beliefs, you can show up as a high value queen!

Module #3 Make Yourself Instantly More Attractive

We will identify what makes you most attractive so you can present yourself. You'll practice feeling confident, at ease and excited to be a woman so you can take the pressure of and make this process fun.

Module #4 Attract Men From Across The Room

There are specific practices you can do to remain grounded, present, and stay out of your head. With this step, you'll use your unspoken communication to feel yourself become more confident and therefore attractive.

Module #5 Meet Men Everywhere 

With this step, you'll create awareness that men are everywhere. We'll also identify the best locations for you to meet quality men and know how to spot the good ones.

Module #6 Trigger The Hunt

In this section, you'll release old relationship pain patterns affecting your positive perceptions of men so you can send out attraction signals and invite men in.

Module #7 Master Early Conversations

You'll master first conversation basics, spot the red flags, decline gracefully, and assess compatibility so you can find and keep someone who's a great fit.

Congratulations! Everything is fully in place. In addition to these seven steps, you'll learn tons more skills that'll help you move forward with more confidence, grace, and ease. 

Here’s Why I Developed This...

You may have loved the idea of my other program, Feminine Allure Academy, but disliked that it’s a year-long commitment. 

12 months is a long time to wait if you’re a woman who doesn’t have the patience or desire to wait that long. (Not to mention, it only enrolls once a year.) 

Attract a Man You Want helps you get the core essentials you need to: 

  • Get results faster, without long-term commitments
  • Get past gut-wrenching heartbreak and fear and prepare for your purpose partner. 
  • Get on the next level - energetically - to attract a high quality man ASAP. 

You’re not going to sit around doing the same things you’ve been doing while waiting for the next man to show up. You’re about practice before the game - the dating game. 

Yes, we’re playing the dating game and this program is your practice. 

This isn’t about catching a man. This is about instilling strategies and a calming state of mind that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. 

You’re going to invest because you’re ready, even though you may be scared or a little intimidated of trying something new… 

But when you show up, looking lavish and exuding Empress energy in environments where the right man may be present, you’ll be better equipped to interact with him - even if he’s too fine for words! 

fade-leftfade-rightHere is your invitation to step into alluring womanhood as a member of Attract A Man You Want.

Attract A Man You Want isn’t a surface level course of quick and dirty dating tricks. You’re not going to learn how to tap dance on glass tables or take on some kind of aggressive campaign to get noticed. 

Attract A Man You Want teaches you how to be a VIBE… a charming, feminine, attractive VIBE of Feminine Allure™  you can exude consistently. 

Like roller skating or learning to drive a car, drawing men to you and feeling confident in your ability to have a successful relationship is a teachable SKILL.

You must acknowledge that it is femininity to which masculinity is FIRST attracted. 

Attract A Man You Want teaches you feminine wiles that every woman needs in her arsenal. These skills create internal shifts that further attract men and magnetizes the man who’s right for you. 

Walk away polished and prepared for whoever comes into your life, no matter what happens. And, more importantly, you’ll be positioned to attract your high-caliber Mr. Right.

It Starts By Connecting to Your Feminine Allure™  

Without Feminine Allure™, things might not be so bad. 

At best, you may meet and settle for a “nice enough” man. You might not feel a true connection with him, but because your mind starts playing tricks on you, you allow yourself to accept him. 

Your worst case scenario is meeting a man you actually like, but lose. Either nothing happens because you freeze up or you demand your way into his heart and run him off. 

You can genuinely do this yourself. You can, but you don’t have to. The choice to step forward is yours, and I honor your decision.

However if you’re:

-Tired of stomping around in a skirt, declaring yourself a Proverbs 31 woman to all who will listen, and still single… 

-Wondering why people interpret your passionate, loving, and ambitious personality as angry, bitter and controlling… 

-Irritated that every great connection starts out perfectly before phone calls drop to WYD text messages, and eventually, silence…

Then Attract A Man You Want can shift your perspective, your reality, and your results.

What You Expect After Attract A Man You Want

After completing Attract A Man You Want:

  • You’ll master the art of small talk and stimulating conversations with men.
  • You’ll know how to connect to men without using sex as a strategy.
  • You’ll become emotionally intelligent, strategic, and poised, like a queen.
  • You’ll know how to be proactive and flirty without chasing any man. EVER. You’ll possess inner strength to be vulnerable and let love in.
  • You’ll be prepared for whoever comes into your life, whether he’s a match or not.
  • You’ll feel confident and stable in yourself and your feminine purpose.

You’ll be more visible to men everywhere.

No more having to go to the club to be seen!

No more negative thoughts about whether or not he’s going to call, or if he’s the one.

No more fiddling through a million YouTube videos and old text messages to decode what he’s doing.

You’ll stop being flustered, frustrated by, and reactive to circumstances. You’ll know exactly what to do if he ghosts, clings too much, tries to manipulate you, or just doesn’t provide the kind of balance you desire.

You’ll find peace in being yourself, which helps you develop valuable connections with men wherever you go. You’ll magnetize men (and other amazing opportunities) because you’ll bring the vibe of Feminine Allure™ and all its joie de vivre wherever you go. 

Exude joy, allure, and love wherever you go, and you’ll experience the joy of being romantically and playfully chased. Men will flock to you in droves, inspired by your charming allure and the positive expectations you project on those around you.

Is Attract A Man You Want Right For You?

Attract A Man You Want is For You If:

  • You’re ready to unlearn bad habits that keep men at bay, keep you feeling stressed, and prevent you from being treasured.
  • You want to awaken effortless femininity that inspires men to hunt you down, claim your love, and connect to you deeply. 
  • You want to stop wearing the biggest “Do Not Disturb Sign” that you didn’t even know you were wearing. You lure bees with honey, not vinegar, girl. Enough said

Anything you desire is within reach. You have the key within you. Unlock the master code to your magnetism. Learn to cultivate and express your feminine strengths, and you’ll learn what it takes to own and wield your Feminine Allure™ .

Nothing fascinates a man more than a woman comfortably enchanted with her own potential. You’ll excite men, because you excite yourself, and this energy will compel them to chase you.

What you want is within reach and it starts with you. If this resonates with you, champion for both your greatness and your great love. Step forward and claim your desires like a Queen.

When I signed up, I was looking for a mindset shift that would improve my perception of men, dating, and my ability to enjoy a successful love life. Results came fast and quick. Monique’s trainings, plus the opportunities to apply, were so helpful. I am celebrating the changes in my life since working with Monique. I’ve released so many unwanted beliefs and  now I'm more confident in myself when I encounter men. I can hold a conversation without being a nervous wreck.


This program has given me new confidence. The trainings helped me tremendously. I actually feel happier within myself. I'm quite an introvert and I'm so proud of the way I engage and connect now. Since joining, I had my first date in two years and he brought me a gift.


Working with Monique opened my eyes to men in a different way. She spoke directly to me because she addressed women like me who wanted to be more feminine and alluring, yet didn’t know where to begin. She taught me how to show my feminine side and how to temper my masculine side. Now, men approach more often, and I’ve learned to own my feminine and feel good expressing myself. Any woman who desires to express her feminine qualities yet doesn’t know how should speak to Monique. You’re worth the peace of mind you’ll get from working with her.


Before this program, I didn't know how to meet people. Now, I have skills that empower me to do something about it.  I've gone on several dates with healthy, balanced men. Men tend to connect more with me for once. So much within me has shifted and it's allowed me to connect with an amazing man. This has given me so much hope and peace. I enjoy meeting men, collecting data, and have prospects who are healthy and balanced.


Now, I know you're wondering how much? But let's talk about the cost before we talk the investment. Shall we?

What’s the emotional cost of staying exactly where you are?

  • How much does it hurt to keep repeating having the same man with a different face?
  • How much does it hurt to push away good men because you’re scared, guarded, feel unworthy, or simply don’t believe you can be loved?
  • How much does it hurt to feel successful in every area of your life, except this area, the one where things are "just supposed to happen"?
  • How much does it hurt to have your insecurity run the show?

And, what's it worth to you?

  • What’s it’s worth to you to feel like a woman who men cherish and adore?
  • What's it worth to you to have the skills to speak to a man so he can hear you?
  • What's it worth to you to feel confident in your ability to inspire commitment in the man of your dreams?
  • What’s it worth to you to end the  generational curses of loneliness, divorce, brokenness, and single motherhood?
  • What’s it worth to you to have spiritual, romantic, and practical skills that attract men, money, and more?

Ready for love, yet need to prepare? Feminine Allure™  might be that final step you need. Attract A Man You Want today and give God the thumbs up that you’re ready to co-create that next level of love, life, and loyalty now. 

The Investment

Enrollment closes Tuesday, December 8th.