Alluring women aren’t born that way. Instead,
they build skills.

You know you’re a catch. You’re attractive, educated, and you’re ready for a relationship with a man of principle. Yet, you have trouble letting your guard down, being vulnerable, and creating meaningful connections with men. 


You’re fascinated by other alluring and mesmerizing women, and you think, “ugh… she’s just one of the lucky ones.” 


But know this, alluring women aren’t born that way. They build skills. 


I’m Monique Head, J.D., and I teach discerning, marriage-minded women how to capture opportunities that spark desire, ignite purpose in men, and create immense emotional connection. 


When we work together, my clients feel prepared for whoever comes into her life (whether she likes him or not), she knows how to love men without losing herself, and she projects confidence and positive expectations that inspire men. After our work, you’ll be polished and positioned to attract and keep your high-caliber man. 


I use a spiritual, faith-focused approach, coupled with tough love and good vibes, that allows you to heal from needless emotional turmoil by cultivating your inner landscape. Then, I equip you with the skills that create more invitation and inspiration, and less control, obligation, and manipulation in relationships with men.


Since society benefits when women are happy, whole, and healed, my goal is simple… to empower women in our roles as “keepers” of blissful, peaceful, and healthy relationships.


Monique is a Detroit native and graduate of the University of Michigan and Saint Louis University School of Law. She is based in St. Louis, Missouri where she lives with her husband, John. 

Work With Me

If you’re looking for support to help you blossom into the best version of yourself so you can attract your high-caliber man, I have two options just for you.


I’d like to schedule my complimentary Feminine Influence Assessment Call with Monique.