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Here’s The Habit Keeping You From Love

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SeIf I’m right about you, I know you desire love, but fear heartbreak.

You’ve been hurt one too many times in the past, so instead of proactively claiming your desires, you surrender to the situation.

In your mind, you’re “waiting on God” to enact His will while you fantasize about the day things change. But in truth, you’re really just slowing down your process.

If you know you are meant to be an alluring woman…perhaps a mom and a wife – and meant to do your part to build His kingdom – this is a disservice to your ministry.

And, there’s this one thing you’re doing that’s relegating you to basic woman status.
Ouch, I know.

You see, basic women alleviate their accountability by putting the responsibility on God, man, and others to make life happen.

But that’s not you though. Your role as a woman is to exude and attract that which you want to you. But you can’t, so you don’t.

Here’s why.

It’s because you energetically fight the steps it takes to create change by choosing to remain in a state of indecision.

Indecision is the highest form of self-sabotage. See… basic. 

I get it. Staying in your comfort zone feels soothing, but the side effects include:

  • Feeling lost and stuck
  • Wondering if something is wrong with you
  • Lower self-esteem because you don’t have what you want
  • Resentment seeing other women get the love you deserve but don’t have
  • Remaining guarded – and possibly building up even more walls
  • An inability to fully be yourself around others

Genesis 11:6 indicates that God knows that nothing will be restrained from you from which you have imagined to do.


So what are you waiting for? God operates within protocol and legal authority. God cannot imagine your life into being without your co-creative assistance.

All of these frustrating effects have a simple solution. All you gotta do is choose.

That’s it. You just simply choose.

Choose to believe that you’re the woman who’s meant for a purposeful relationship and more. Choose to take personal responsibility for bringing love to your life. Choose to give yourself permission to remain open-hearted so you can attract a harmonious, loving relationship nurtured with your own sense of Feminine Allure™.

If you’re called to lean into your decision and you desire mentorship to help create new beliefs so you can show up with irresistible confidence, perhaps I can help. Let’s talk. 

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