The Well-Meaning, Yet Ill-Advised Advice

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As a woman of faith, you may have taken some time to appreciate the “gift of singleness,” but you’re ready for God to deliver your husband.

Some people, including dating experts, suggest “dating yourself” to speed up the process. This is well meaning, yet ill advised.



I’m not against self-care. Flawless hair, fresh nails, and an evening of delicious food make every woman feel great.

However, these things don’t provide the loving growth needed to experience deep love, which is tender, passionate, and transformational but requires partnership to work.

Deep love isn’t found via new bundles, nails, or reservations for one.

Deep love can only be found in equally yoked relationships.

Since there is a lid for every pot, the husband God has for you is currently praying for you.

He prays for the day he can bring you lunch and help you button up your dress for church. He prays just as hard, if not harder, than you are praying for him.

He would be honored to have you, so honor your desire to be claimed, okay?

If you’re over 30, single and unattached, and praying for deep love within the marriage covenant, listen up. It’s time to prepare for the thing you’ve asked for.
I’d love to help you.

The doors to my relationship readiness program, Attract A Man You Want is now open.

If you’re a focused woman who’s READY and COMMITTED to feel confident and capable to attract the man of your dreams, well before he crosses your path, then let’s talk.

To your enhancement,


Case Study: From Masculine & Miserable to Feminine & Free

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Over the last several days I’ve introduced you to this concept of relationship readiness, specifically feeling so prepared and confident that you can have the man of your dreams long before he shows up.
It requires your Feminine Allure™.
Want to step into femininity as a form of influence, but you don’t know how? Afraid that you’ll feel fake, weak, or just plain weird?
It doesn’t have to. Feminine Allure™ can feel as natural as taking your breath in the morning. I want to show you want I mean.
Dominique’s integration of Feminine Allure™ has helped her to hold onto herself while letting love in.
Here’s her story in her own words.


When I first stumbled across Monique, I felt like I’d lost myself. I had to take charge and do everything. In my relationship with my son’s father, I did way too much.

I tried way too hard and overextended myself big time. I placed too much pressure on the relationship and myself. I put a lot of pressure on making sure he was happy and good, and it backfired.

He was fine with just taking. He was fine with everything, even though I was depleted and miserable. He was fine with moving on when it ended too.  

After our relationship ended, I struggled with my value. I felt that I wasn’t good enough, and wondered I wasn’t worthy of reciprocation because this one person didn’t show me the love I showed him.

It took me a long time to grasp that I was doing too much. I was truly in my masculine. Since he wasn’t here, I had to do all the work.

I shut down. I cut off relationships because I didn’t want to repeat the pattern of losing myself completely in somebody else. While physically there, I stopped being present with my kids.

With Feminine Allure™, I noticed bits of myself come back.

As a mom, I wanted to become the strongest, best version of myself. I wanted my children to see who Mommy was, and show them how to grow from any situation that comes their way.

After my breakup, I didn’t smile, I feel as attractive as I used to be, and I wasn’t happy. I wanted to become the best version of me.

Monique helped me realize that I was operating in my masculine, which blocked me from the love I wanted. She showed me that this wasn’t love, and it was time for me to take my power back.

Feminine Allure™ helped truly see myself for who I was, and who I was in danger of becoming if I didn’t wake up and make changes.

I embraced silence as strength. I learned not to address everything, and that I don’t have to call or beg for attention. Someone can call, text, and initiate interest in me.

Since joining the program, I see my self-worth. I see things for what they really are and move forward wisely. I know how to water my own garden instead of losing myself in someone or something else.

I work at home, so I don’t usually get dressed or anything like that. Now I try to make an effort. I’ll do something to my hair, get dressed, and start smiling.

I am more receptive to people. Even if someone’s not my type, I’m more open to meeting people instead of shutting down.

In every aspect, I recognize that it’s okay to take care of myself, demand a certain type of energy from myself, and remain open to receive from someone else.

I don’t have to over-give. I don’t have to put myself in positions that compromise how I feel about myself later. I can be myself and people will appreciate me being me and nothing else.


There’s so much more to Dominique’s story that I couldn’t capture it all with words. The video does it all. 

To your enhancement,


P.S. I’ve been working with members behind the scenes and now I’m bringing it publicly.  The doors are open for the newest Feminine Allure™ program, Attract A Man You Want. Take a peek, see if it’s for you, and join.


Feminine Allure Does All The Work

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You now know that the journey to love starts deep within – BEFORE you can attract a man you want. 

You have to feel ready, capable and confident that you can attract the man you’ve always dreamed of, well BEFORE he crosses your path. 

Your inner work creates the foundation necessary for internal alignment. That’s what yields results.

Feminine Allure Tips the Game in Your Favor

Looking on the outside, most people assume you have it all together. They’re surprised to discover you’re still single. 

Sure you look the part, but when we look deeper, we find there’s a part of you that’s not developed sufficiently. 

No worries though. You’ve learned to express your femininity. Now let’s EMBODY femininity.

Feminine Allure™ makes this easier because:

You’ll STOP: feeling sorry for and bonding to men who ask you to “bare with me” even though he’s not claiming you.  

You’ll START: having the confidence to advocate for yourself gracefully because you own your dignity, but carry it lightly.

You’ll STOP: agonizing over why he hasn’t called and scolding him when he finally does.

You’ll START: speaking in a way he can hear and understand you.

You’ll STOP: being afraid of meeting the same kind of men who drain you and make you feel you should be taking the lead.  

You’ll START: mesmerizing men who not only see you, but ask you out, and communicate consistently.

When you’re in your Feminine Allure™, you act like it. You’re 100% sure and confident in who you are AND what you want.

You KNOW you have a plan that provides you direction so you don’t ever allow yourself to default to your old way of letting your insecurity run the show and distract you from being your best you. 

Essentially – and with all due respect – Feminine Allure™ keeps you from being the woman who will ignore all of the red flags, and my emails, and will get stuck. 

It’s your Feminine Allure™– your mindset and presentation in how you do things that creates self-assurance — that get you noticed.

We have such a tough edge without realizing it. We’ve been brought up to be self-protected in a masculine-minded world.

Learning how to share your feelings in a non-accusatory tone, learning how to be more of yourself, and having the mastery to remain poised and self-assured, even when you’re upset, is priceless.

And it magnetizes people to you…  and Feminine Allure™ is so much more than man magnetism. Should you decide it’s your time to get mentorship, you’ll see this as we dive into the process together.

What you need right now is a confidence cure – and something you can commit to within a short period of time. That’s why I created a new jumpstart program, Attract A Man You Want. 

Attract A Man You Want is a 12-week relationship readiness program that focuses on the inner work as well as the skills (both spiritual and romantic) necessary for you to blossom into the best version of yourself so you not only express femininity (appearance) but you EMBODY it (way of being).  

It takes the effort off of performance (including the need to “look” a certain way) and puts it on connection, which is what men truly desire from you.

Attract A Man You Want is perfect for you if you know you want love, but want to make sure you’re polished and prepared to claim your heart’s desires. 

If you’re reading this now it’s because you’re tired of running the same ole script. You DON’T want to be the same anymore, and you’re READY for a change now!

Go here to learn more and see if this program is right for you.

To your enhancement,