REVEALED: The Secret to Increase Your Femininity & Attractiveness

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I’ve been hearing you lately and you want to learn more about your Feminine Allure™.  I know there’s a lot of advice out there regarding femininity, but it’s missing a critical component.

It’s my intention to give you just one small thing so you can begin to practice and apply Feminine Allure™ in your everyday so that when you’re showing up with men, you’re showing up in a way that’s both powerful and feminine. You’re showing up in a way that’s alluring, magnetic, and fascinating.

Here’s what I want you to know.

Femininity has two parts. Most of the information available just focuses on one part, and that leaves you without the critical component.

Here’s the quick and dirty two-part guide to femininity.

First, there’s the feminine look. This is where the minds of many women go to. It’s hair, nails, grooming, voice, textures of the clothes you wear, etc.

Then, there’s your Feminine Allure (or feminine way of being). Your Feminine Allure™ is the part that makes you starkly different from men.   When you’re in your masculine, that’s what I call executive energy, you’re more results oriented.  But, when you’re in your Feminine Allure™ you operate within experience orientation.

If you want the full experience watch the video here. Or, you read it the summary below.

For example, let’s say you go to shopping for a bra.  If you’re mind is like, “I need a bra. I need something that fits, that supports me, and that doesn’t make my back hurt” then, you’re in your executive energy. You’re in results orientation. You’re in your masculine energy.

However, if you go shopping for a bra and your mindset is that you want to feel good, and you love the touch and the texture of the material, and you love the lighting of store and it’s fragrances then, you’re in your feminine. You’re in an experience orientation.

Comment below, how have you noticed the distinction in your life?

To your enhancement,


The Truth Behind a Woman’s Trust Issues

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If you worry your trust issues are preventing you from connecting with men, and even costing you friendships with with other women, here’s how you can begin to let your guard down so you can trust men and create meaningful connections.

Have you been blindsided and you find that you’re guarded because of it?

It’s not that you don’t trust men. The truth is that you don’t trust yourself. 

  • You don’t trust that you’ll recover quickly enough
  • You don’t trust you can choose wisely enough
  • You don’t trust that you’ll have the confidence to leave, even though you know it’s a dead end story

I have intimate experience with this. I’ve shared stories of my phone checking because women like us have an need to know… 

We want to know what’s coming next… “do we have a future together? Is he messing around? Can I trust him? Is he who he says he is?”

Even in all my efforts, my skepticism was never satisfied.

Then, I realized that I had enough with the emotional turmoil, and I wanted PEACE of mind.

My questioning was getting me no where and soon I acknowledged that I can’t change a man.

But, I could change myself!

Here’s what I did to not allow mistrust and skepticism to affect my emotions and my interactions with men, and you can do it too. 

First, I acknowledged my part in how I was showing up in a way that blocked any attempt to create meaningful connections.

Then, I identified the standard I wanted to live in. I wrote it in my journal. You see, I had this vision of being a woman who’s light, whimsical, innocent, and unjaded. That’s what brought me peace. In order for me to get to that, I had to be guided by my own standard and allow it to dictate my decision making. 

When you allow your own standards to guide you, you’ll begin to trust your body more. You’ll begin to trust yourself more, and so you can trust yourself to discern how you can show up in every situation. 

Without it, best case scenario is that you’ll meet a man with whom you could have wonderful potential, but you’ll never know because you’ll be there with your guard up waiting to see if he has what it takes to break down your wall of reserve.

Worst case scenario is that, you’ll go crazy because your mind will start playing tricks on you, and you won’t be able to control it. 

It’s time to examine yourself!

Tell me, what’s one small thing you can do, right now, to release your fear and create more ease so you can connect with men? 

To your enhancement,


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How to Believe In Love Again!

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Do you struggle with the belief that what you want in love might not be possible for you?

If so, you’re not alone.

The challenge you’re having right now as far as believing that love is possible for you is a mindset issue.

I want to open you up so you can believe in love again.

There’s a biblical story I want to share. It’s when Zacharias, John’s father, was visited by the angel Gabriel and told him that he and his wife Elizabeth would bear a son. Zacharias was in disbelief, even though this is what he’d been praying for.

Since he and his wife were older in age, he was like, “Show me the proof? How could this be?”

Then, Gabriel responded to his disbelief, I’m an angel of the Lord and because you do not believe, I will mute you until the day comes to pass.”

The secret to getting what you want is to control your mouth. 


I know.

Watch today’s video to learn more about what you can do now to restore you hope and confidence right now and be on your path to love and alluring womanhood.

To your enhancement,