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Every Woman’s Battle That Pushes Love Away

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Here’s the battle… it’s the internal conflict that says, “Look at me. I have new hair, I lost weight, and in the same breath… “Don’t look too hard because you might see something I want wan you to see.”

Every woman’s battle is the desire to be seen AND the fear of being seen.

You’ll know this because you don’t have trouble attracting men. Instead, you’re challenged with creating a meaningful relationship.

The key to closing the gap, ending the battle, and experiencing love now is to feel safe and protected.

The secret solution lies in your Feminine Allure™.

This is your feminine gift offering… it’s your contribution that encourages a man to step up to guard your honor, your secrets, and your fears so that you feel security.

I discuss it in this week’s video. Watch the video below for the full experience and today’s how-to skill.

I know you’re a wonderful woman with a lot of love to give. You want to be understood, acknowledged, and seen. You want to be able to share your life and have a meaningful connection with a man who gets you.

But, the only way for a man to get you so you feel heard and understand is to allow him to get you. Give the man the pleasure of getting to know you, the good parts and not so good parts.

It’s a step in the right direction that you can afford.

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