Any Woman Can Learn How To Influence Men, Enjoy A Lifelong Winning Relationship and The True Love that Makes Her Smile For Eternity...

...If She Follows The Feminine Allure Mysteries

Now, Stop Right There!

Your fantasy is about to have a collision with reality.

Real Feminine Influence™ is about affecting the core of a man's reasoning. This core is the master of his actions.

Yes girlfriend, contrary to everything we want to believe, men do reflect, assess and judge.

Albeit, they do it with male coding. Yes?

Follow me… for a minute or two.

First, let's get a few significant points out in the open. It’s pivotal that your words and actions convey the right messages, in the correct order, with insightful timing.

And, I can assure you, telling a man what you want in a partner is never a key to him saying, “Honey, I'm interested in you," or " I love you baby." Nope, not ever. 

Nor does complaining to a man result in him saying to you," I want you."  Again, not ever!

You see, these actions don’t show that you own and control your Feminine Influence™, your female allure, and your power.

When you own your authority, you get to be bold. You become a true magnet for all of your desires.

And when you own it, men respect, adore and cherish you.

Clear Signals!

A woman’s presence sends out signals. Men interpret these to assess whether to approach or avoid her. Clear signals help immensely!

Lightheartedness and Playfulness creates trust in a man’s core beliefs about who a woman can be. This is what calms his instinct to walk away. It’s not that men want it easy, not at all, certainly not the good ones.

It’s that they don’t want it complicated. It’s better said this way... men don’t want it to feel that it’s complicated.


Demonstrating Grace and Confidence fires up his confidence, leading him to conclude that you have it together. That you’re powerful and polished.

To him, this is a cue that you're a partner, a confidant, which triggers in him a want to protect you.

Now, Don’t Think For A Second You Need To Fake Anything

Or Think... Well That’s All Fine And Good. He Gets What He Wants, What Do I Get?

Let me clear these thoughts up right now. You gain immense power. 

When a man feels a relationship is uncomplicated, he will see you as a partner and then, over time, process this and progress to seeing you as a mate.

It’s not that when complicated moments or events happen he can’t handle it.

It’s that if at the beginning of a relationship, he gets the feeling, "this is complicated", his instinct is to, well, run.

Your lightheartedness and playfulness allow some bonding to occur. His radar will pick up fun feeling signals. And then you, the playful, lighthearted woman, will have your committed man.

Firing up a man’s confidence is not that difficult.

It simply involves you owning your Feminine Influence™. And, when you own it, your inner warmth shines through.

Now, a man is not going to say to you, "You're a warm woman." Of course not. But he is going to think you are confident...

And if you have the kind of confidence that exudes finesse and gracefulness, a man's mind translates this to, "this woman is – WOW."

Yes, in his mind he thinks "wow" and because he does, wait for it...

Yes, You get your man.

You see, you didn’t need to worry he was getting something and you weren’t.

Not at all girl!

No, There’s Never Any Need To Worry - Ever, When You Are An Alluring Woman, And You Own Your Feminine Influence

The bigger truth is…

You actually gain immense power.

And, you can use that power like a magic wand.

Once you’re aware of and connected to your Feminine Influence™, you will experience a wave of calm; it will encapsulate you. Any fears you have will disappear. Any worries you have, of never finding and keeping your man, will vanish too.

So far, I have only described a tiny drop of the power you can have.

There is much, much more.

Imagine This Is You...

Trusting and free (because you have the...)

  • Inner strength to let your guard down, allow love in, and feel beautiful
  • You light up every room you enter
  • Your appeal is legendary
  • You spark interest and magnetically attract attention
  • Your femininity casts a beam of comfort and peace
  • You own your dignity, but carry it lightly
  • You advocate for yourself with grace

Yes, it is possible to believe you can be all this, and more... when you own your Feminine Influence™...

STOP Before You Go Any Further

Let’s get super serious for a moment.

There is a frequent mental and emotional issue that needs to be on the table.

This big and significant issue is: That finding the perfect relationship can be stressful.

Almost too stressful to bother.

And the amount of work! – Well, that’s a long story by itself.

The time you use up researching websites, connecting with friends (those well intentioned but painfully awkward blind or couples dates), clubbing, searching online and attending functions in your local area all take an immense amount of motivation, effort, and (let’s be straight) work.

Even if you only put in a smidgen of the effort many do. It’s not going to get accomplished on your lunch hour. It’s Impossible!

All this is TRUE! Isn’t it? It is a given.

And if that wasn’t enough…

There is an even BIGGER ISSUE

What IF…

You exert all this effort.

Devote all this time.

But you're missing the appropriate knowledge of...

how to attract the right man.

What then?

You could be first-class in your planning, timing, and commitment to your search for the right man, only to feel that you've failed. Again!

Then, you're likely to start cycling. You know what I mean.

You will go through periods of giving up, giving in, hearing self talk that says, "being alone isn't all that bad." Then after some time passes, you will muster up the courage to try one more time.

Because, of course, this time it’s going to work.

This time you ARE going to find “The ONE.”


Believe me, I get it.

The feeling of repeated failure sucks.

Time is passing. I get that too.

If, Perhaps, You Are Even Thinking There is Something Wrong With You. Stop Now! There Isn't!

It may surprise you that I too considered such a thought at one time. But, I soon realized it was insecurities and fatigue talking... my self-consciousness looking for an excuse, just for a moment, to give up.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Never was. Never will be. The issue is your process and that is correctable.

Once on the right track, armed with new insights, you’ll be a power house.

Or Maybe You’re Concerned That If You Speak Up You Will Scare Him Away.

That’s understandable - What’s more important is not to confuse politeness with effectiveness. It’s much more likely that you’ll be silent until you can see a clear path to conversationally intriguing him.

Once the path is clear, any fear or hesitation will evaporate.

Are you thinking, "Maybe there’s a better one." "I don’t know if I should settle". "If only I just wait…"?

Steve Harvey, in an interview with Oprah, said: “Women often overlook a good man thinking they can get someone better.” He was right. Many women do.

What he didn’t say was how to prevent this. It would be easy to think this statement is about the quality of men in your world, but it isn’t. It’s a thought about women not knowing and defining their standards.

Once you are clear on your personal standards, finding a relationship worth committing to is assured.

Have You Ever Thought, “I Just Want To Ditch My Relationship”?  A Moment When Something Triggers The Feeling That You’re Missing Something, and You Say To Yourself, “I’m Just Gonna Bury That Feeling”

Our minds are funny things. What I know for sure is nothing stays buried forever. Suppressing a deep personal desire doesn’t erase it. It actually increases the hurt and frustration later. Wouldn’t be smarter to just fix it all? That's what I did. And I’ve never looked back since.

Do You Manufacture Defining Moments?

Creating peak defining moments by choosing to end relationships because work is hectic, or it’s thesis time, or you're just tired of trying, is 100% human.

These flash decisions happen when you're frustrated. When you feel you don’t have that deep embracing relationship you desire. You’ll ditch a your man in a heartbeat.

The real truth is that those situational tipping points end. They are never permanent. But they sure do support a decision to start tossing items out of our lives.

Life is not a boat. And you are not drowning.

I get it, I do.

It's time to stop the cycle and get prepared to attract the relationship you deserve and genuinely desire.

So Let's Get You Fixed-Up

Let’s make it easier for you.

Because I believe... No, I know.

There’s a remarkable relationship out there for you.

Apply Now To Access Your Feminine Allure and Gain Your Power

Learn how to pull the right man for you into your universe.

Imagine you’re a woman who represents lightness and playfulness. Who embodies grace and confidence. Is trusting and free. She’s also polished and powerful.

This woman can be you, (less than) one year from today.

You will have…


...because you inspire generosity and devotion. Your femininity appeals to a man’s masculinity and calls forth his natural protective instincts.

The purposeful, loving relationship you want won’t be the result of your need to make it happen. It will be born from your ability to influence and inspire men.

Honor the woman you are while you are learning to open yourself to love.

  • Stay on the path to achieving your own full potential
  • Release the fears that have prevented you from becoming your best and most attractive self
  • Don’t let them distract you from your mission to blossom as the best version of yourself
  • Own your dignity, communicate your needs and advocate for yourself with grace
  • Inspire men so you won't guilt, manipulate, disrespect or obligate them

You Will Also Have...


...because you hold in your mind a vision of the woman you intend to become.

Start being intentional about what you’re creating.

  • Prepare yourself for the life and relationship you want
  • Cultivate your charisma
  • Prime your mind and claim your place as a polished and powerful woman
  • Use your influence to inspire greatness

And, You Will Have...


... Because you have gained the inner strength to let your guard down, allow love in and feel beautiful.

Develop the allure of a feminine woman.

  • Create practices that make you happy, light-hearted, joyful
  • Light up every room you enter
  • Attract attention and inspire men to want to be with you, to serve you, to be lit up by your  presence
  • Learn the potent skill that inspires your man to be your gallant defender, hero and protector
  • Boost your confidence and self image by living the virtues that inspired ancient poets and minstrels
  • Spark interest and attract quality men with ease, poise, and confidence

As an alluring woman, you have the power to invite men to journey with you from initial attraction, to the awakening of desire, to a committed, long term, loving relationship.

After working with Monique I'm very centered in terms of where I am with confidence in myself, and it shows even more on the outside. I've noticed a change in myself. Regarding socializing with men, I'm more open, more fun, less guarded, and more out of my head.

Now, I'm able to walk into a room where I don't know anyone and spark conversation. Things are going really well.

Winisha, USA

When You Are a Member of The Feminine Allure Academy You’ll Get Access To...

12 Months of Training That’s 100% Committed to Showing you How to Discover and Activate Your Feminine Allure and Influence

You'll Get:

  • 3 LIVE, interactive Q&A calls each month (75-90 minutes) on Thursdays at 7:00pm EST
  • Access to the FAA ‘Members Only’ Facebook Group where you’ll find community and support from like-minded women.
  • Training Materials and Handouts
  • Access to recordings of your Q&A calls

Special Guest Faculty

Monique will introduce Guest Faculty throughout the program

And Your Training Concludes With A Very Special Event

Join your community members for a 2 Day Live Retreat, facilitated by Monique, in sweet St. Louis in 2021 (Date TBD). It will be a memorable event you won’t want to miss!

Meet Monique and your community members. Content rich, the retreat will take the skills you’ll gain throughout the program to heights that (right now) you can’t even begin to imagine.

If You’re New To This Space, At This Point You Might Be Wondering, Who Is Monique?

Monique Head is a Detroit native and graduate from the University of Michigan and Saint Louis University School of Law. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, John. 

While in law school, Monique became fascinated with Feminine Allure and Influence. As a young woman, she went through the typical struggles of dating good men, and not so good men. Over time, her interest developed into a passion, and then it became her calling.

After thoroughly researching the component parts of Feminine Allure and Influence, she began teaching what she’d learned to women in her community. Their results were so positive that Monique intensified her work. The 6-step signature process she developed not only helped them blossom into their full feminine potential. It empowered them to find the men they’d dreamed of meeting, but secretly feared they never would.

Today, Monique is an Educator and Relationship Coach, committed to providing discerning, marriage-minded women of faith with the insights and skills you need to find the lifelong loving relationships you desire. Her spiritual, faith-focused approach couples tough love with good vibes. Her straight talk cuts through barriers. By strengthening and arming their spirits, Monique enables women to leave their pasts in the past, and open their hearts to love.

"This was an AMAZING program. I'm so glad that now I'm in a COMMITTED relationship with an awesome guy. It wouldn't have happened without this program because I never knew the dynamics of progressing a relationship.

I really appreciate how Monique is guiding me step by step. It’s like each week I feel ready for the next step. We’re chipping away at the wall I have up. It’s taking down a different section at a time. And, it’s very gentle, yet stretching at the same time."

Nichole, USA

"I feel like I've been rescued from a deep well. I was alive, but not living. There were things I would do for a date that I wouldn't do for myself because I was living someone else's script. I've stopped settling, and I'm more willing to step out of my comfort zone because I'm making myself a priority. "

Karolyn, USA

What Does Monique’s Signature System Deliver, Each Month?

Month #1 - Discover Who You Are and What You Want

We cover the basics of making Feminine Allure A Priority by clarifying your vision and values. We start here to release unwanted thoughts, master self talk, feel safe being seen, create a vision of your future self.

Month #2 - Become the Woman You Want to Be

Cultivate confidence. Prioritize your vision. Establish rituals that support your feminine growth.

Month #3 - Discover Where to Meet Quality Men

Create your own definition of a "quality" man. Identify where you’re most likely to meet him. Strategize how to draw him in.

Month #4 - Identify What Makes You Most Attractive So You Can Present Yourself

Identify who you are when you are being your most alluring self. Send appropriate attraction signals. Enhance your personal presentation.

Month #5 - Build Confidence and Become an Expert in "Man Behavior"

Receive men. Release old beliefs. Relinquish controlling impulses. Become irresistible to men in a way that won’t push them away.

Month #6 - Attract Men

Position yourself and present yourself offline to attract men wherever you go. Signal them in, and master those early communications so he sticks around and commits.

Month #7 - Choose Men Well

Spot the red flags. Know what to look for. Know what YOU are looking for. Create great connections that inspire male generosity.

Month #8 - Date Well and Be Courted

Become more comfortable with yourself around men and potential love interests. Leave past relationship problems in the past and not bring them into new situations. Create good intimacy and great connections.

Month #9 - Communicate in a Way that Attracts Men

Have difficult conversations without big blow ups. Stop lashing out or freaking out. Discover how to use feminine allure to address existing problems. 

Month #10 - Learn How to Say “No”, and Mean It

Know what to do when your values are challenged. Speak assertively and still be attractive to men -- without coming off as bitter or mean.

Month #11 - Form and Strengthen Your Relationships with Women

Create a sisterhood to help you cultivate the confidence to put yourself out there. Tame your emotions and eliminate bad habits.

Month #12 - Celebrate Yourself and Create Life-Long Habits

Implement this long-term, making sure you don’t fall into bad habits. Develop self-mastery. Create the empowered, alluring, influential YOU.

"Monique’s method has allowed for a lot more grace on my end. It’s given me concrete steps and examples of how to channel my ‘take-charge’ energy. I’m expressing the things I want positively and it feels like now I'm having conversations with men, as opposed to a debate."

Rudee, USA

Why Feminine Allure Academy?

Why Now?

If, Like Many Of The Women Monique Has Served, You Feel...

Ready for a change - tired of living in the past and the failed relationships.” - KG, Tampa, FL

“I want to feel like the radiant desirable woman I am inside and out, and to have no doubts about it.” - Identity Protected

“I need this. I've always dreamed of being an alluring, feminine woman. I've always wanted to be happily married. I've worked hard for everything else I wanted, I'm ready to do the same here.” - SM, North Carolina

“I do not want to waste another day of my life, pinning and moaning over lost love and unhealthy relationships. I've put off investing in this aspect of my life long enough and I am ready to learn all that I need to to attract quality, godly relationships and be a full and complete woman.” - KB, San Francisco, CA

'I genuinely want to be in a committed relationship with a healthy man, not because I want to be rescued, but because I want that companion for life. It is all I have ever wanted since I was a child. I am just left with feeling like I waited too long to do this.” - MP, Toronto, Canada

“I believe that even though it is later in my life, I can overcome a lifetime of relationship failures and change my destiny with your help. Now is the time.” - WR, Hungary

“I want to be at my very best as I make decisions about my next partner.”- RL, California

“I want to open myself up to finding new love by becoming my best self. This program is perfect for me because I'm ready to step outside of my comfort, let go of my past, and open myself up to new opportunities.” -WS, Washington DC

“I want to end the "disappearing man" syndrome in my life. I want a man who completely cherishes me, who sees me as "the one," and his soulmate.” - Identity Protected

“I have determined to stop suppressing my desire to be loved and cared for. I am lovable and I am making room for love in my life.”- NC, Los Angeles, CA

“Staying the same, and living the way that I have been living for the past 25+ years is not an option.” - CB, Windsor, CT

“I need to learn how to up my game, but still be authentic, comfortable and confident in my own skin, to weed out bad men much earlier, and attract better quality men, while still being myself and loving my own life.”- Identity Protected

“I want to be able to appreciate other women's beauty and/or accomplishments without using it to measure mine. I want to be able to enter new social situations with confidence and be able to talk to people I don't know with ease.” - LD Brooklyn, NY

This Program Is For You If:

You Want To:

  • Be in a committed, loving, passionate relationship
  • Meet a quality man who is not intimidated by a strong woman
  • Attract a marriage minded, available man
  • Gain the skills to create and maintain the relationship you want
  • Refine your approach to & interactions with men so that they respond to you differently
  • Learn some skills around dating and flirting
  • Be able to communicate easily with men
  • Remain steady, unbothered, confident always
  • Embody grace, elegance, and ease
  • Soften your heart, be open to love and life
  • Feel good, fulfilled, happy, gain peace of mind
  • Be an active, interested participant in your life
  • Be more open, trusting and vulnerable
  • Get a better sense of who you are
  • Restore your hopes, confidence and beliefs

You Struggle To:

  • Maintain steady relationships
  • Not fall for a man too fast
  • Release the fears that limit how you experience love and intimacy marriage minded, available man
  • Do things differently, but nothing changes
  • Move past hurts from previous experiences
  • Get over the feeling there’s something wrong with you, that you don’t deserve better
  • Release your fears of being exposed, used, misunderstood, or rejected
  • Stop pushing men away / scaring men off
  • Stop hiding, playing small, feeling weak
  • Not feel intimidated by men
  • Stop intimidating / emasculating men
  • Not be guarded, anxious, or sharp tongued
  • Stop worrying what other people think of you
  • Stop being your own worst critic-Overcome self-doubt, fear, or insecurity
  • Control your emotions and reactions

Don’t Miss This Opportunity To Transform Your Life And Your Relationships

"When I started, I was fearful of owning my femininity and was giving up on the idea of finding someone. Now, I'm taking more responsibility. I have a man in my life who excites me, and even if we part, I know I'll survive it."

Lisa,  Jamaica

The Investment

Let's Talk About Your Vision

I'm here to process this decision with you! I'm only about offering this program to women who it’s actually right for.

If this program does turn out to be right for you, I’ll help you figure out how you can make it happen. Schedule a call now to get CLARITY on if and how Feminine Allure Academy will bring you closer to your desired results.