When you’re focused on the best in yourself, you affect the culture of your relationships.

Own your Influence. Position Yourself. Magnetize Your Man!

Tell me if this sounds familiar:
  • You wonder if you’re going to meet the man who gets you excited, and who’s excited about you too
  • You feel that you’re hiding your femininity, and you just don’t know how to reflect it without seeming fake
  • You were raised to be independent, and you find it hard to sit back and receive help, or gifts
  • You really want an intimate relationship, but you’re afraid to put yourself out there and let your guard down because of the hurt you’ve already experienced
  • When you see a guy you like, you over analyze to make sure you do everything right, but yet, he’s not calling. He barely even texts you.
  • He regularly sends you that one-line text, “How’s your day going?”, and you hate it! You’re confused about what it means and where you stand in your “relationship”

You’re thinking to yourself, “This Can’t Be Life.”

You know you’re a catch. You’re attractive, educated, and you’re ready for a relationship with a man of principle.
But know this… a man of principle wants a woman he can place on a pedestal, one he can respect as better than himself. He expects you to be more kind, more gentle, and less selfish. He expects you to hold more to principle and virtue than himself.

Even if he’s out there “setting out” women, club hopping, and participating in all types of ratchet behavior, he can overlook these weaknesses in himself. But, he looks to you as the woman, to be the more angelic of the human species. He expects you to be above those things.

When a man encounters a woman like this, she inspires him. She gives him something to live for, a reason to work harder. She brings purpose to his life. It resurrects an instinct in him to protect and to provide for her. (I say resurrect because it was there originally; but, sometimes we women suppress it by not allowing him to do chivalrous acts, rejecting his offers and gifts, etc.)
You reign in a position of influence. But, before a man can have such deep and tender feelings for you, you must BECOME THE WOMAN who inspires those feelings.


The truth is that you hold the key.

Here’s what I know:

  • Your feminine allure is your gift offering. It’s the gift that produces attraction in men and inspires them not only to chase you but also commit to you.
  • We women are blind to our own charms, so it’s hard to understand the male perspective.
  • A woman who operates in her feminine allure doesn’t have to hunt for Mr. Right because she’ll attract him. In fact, he’s already looking for her. Ready to chase her down! That’s you girl!!
  • You MUST respect the differences in gender design. 
  • You hold the key, every time, to passionate, peaceful relationships.
So, what’s holding you back? What’s blocking men from chasing you so you can turn around and catch’em? I think I know.
You’re afraid. Your fear is what’s holding you back. You’re wearing a “Do Not Disturb Sign” and you don’t even know it. It’s what’s blocking you from attracting men, and it prevents them from chasing you.
Like author Laura Doyle, says: 
  • You’re afraid that he’ll cheat on you.
  • You’re afraid you’ll cheat on him.
  • You’re afraid you’ll lose yourself if you enter a relationship.
  • You’re afraid the sex will get old.
  • You’re afraid that you’ll owe a debt if you allow yourself to be supported.
  • You’re afraid that you’ll have to live somewhere you hate.
  • You’re afraid you’ll have to support him financially.
  • You’re afraid you’ll get divorced and mess up the kids.
  • You’re afraid that you’ll become too dependent.
  • You’re afraid that you’ve made a mistake by picking the wrong man, or feeling that you could’ve done better.
I hear you.
And, I know that if knowledge can cure, then lack of knowledge can sicken. And at this point, you’re sick and tired of being the single girl, or you’re sick and tired of casual relationships, and you want men to shape up in some way.
Remember, knowledge gives you the opportunity to change who you could be in the world. So, if this resonates with you, I want to champion for both your greatness and for your great love.
This is your invitation to step into your alluring womanhood as a member in the Feminine Allure Academy.

Feminine Allure Academy is a 12-month group coaching program that teaches you the core virtues of feminine allure. By practicing these virtues, you become equipped with the type of character that inspires a man, awakens his love, and drives him to chase you.

You’ll unlearn your habits that keeps men at bay, that keeps you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and that prevents you from being a woman who’s taken care of.  You’ll discover your gift offering and learn the key to attracting the man who’s right for you and inspiring his devotion. You’ll identify your own feminine strengths and you’ll learn what it takes to preserve and even magnify your feminine allure.

When you enroll, you’ll start practicing the virtues that make you a fascinating woman. You’ll excite men, compelling them to chase you.
This isn’t some surface level course where I teach quick and dirty dating tricks. 

I’m not teaching you to tap dance on glass tables. This isn’t some aggressive campaign to get you noticed. 

It is femininity to which masculinity is FIRST attracted. So, in this program, I teach you the SKILLS that EVERY woman needs in her arsenal. These skills create an internal shift that preps you to attract the man who’s right for you and cultivate intimacy in your relationship. 
After our work together you’ll be polished and prepared for whoever comes into your life, no matter what happens. And, more importantly, you’ll be positioned to attract your high-caliber man.
Like roller skating or learning to drive a car, drawing men to you and having a successful relationship is a teachable SKILL.
Here are some of the questions that this program will answer.
  • How can I be proactive without seeming like I’m chasing the man?
  • When’s a good time to open up so that high-caliber men notice me?
  • How can I let my guard down, be more vulnerable, and create meaningful connection with men?
  • Where and how can I meet and attract men of my caliber?
  • What can I do to build up my confidence and know that I’m the prize?
  • What can I do so that I can love without losing myself?
  • I tend to make things heavy, how can I communicate with the feminine, “light touch”?
  • What to I need to do to get out of my own head and be in the moment? 

Monique’s plan has allowed for a lot more grace on my end. I’m confident in my ability to offer emotional support. I’m expressing the things I want positively, and it feels more like now we’re having a conversation as opposed to a debate.


I sincerely enjoyed working with Monique. She always brings a combination of spunk, warmth, and vulnerability to our sessions. I feel like she understand my insecurities and my fears and has helped me get past them.


What does the Feminine Allure Academy include?

  • Three (3), 60 minute group coaching calls each month
  • An Orientation Call to kickstart your results
  • Four (4) private, 30-minute coaching sessions with Monique
  • A private online Facebook community
  • Welcome  Packet and Prep Materials
  • Audio and video recordings 
The program is broken into a 4-part framework.  
Phase 1: Renew Your Mind
  • Practice methods to restructure your beliefs and release love blocks
  • Practice methods to honor your feminine nature
  • Discover what to practice to make yourself attractive and have peace of mind
  • Make yourself happy and inspire a man to chase you
Phase 2: Draw Men In
  • Discover why and how women hold power in relationships
  • Apply the contrast technique to spark his interest and awaken his desire for you
  • Communicate and react in a way that he’ll find charming and irresistible
Phase 3: Receive Men 
  • Use the potent skill that inspires chivalry
  • Learn the virtue that will get you more gifts, more dates, and will increase your confidence
  • Make yourself stand out by knowing what it takes to encourage a man’s generosity.
Phase 4: Inspire Commitment 
  • Strengthen your feminine spirit
  • Acquire the trait that will keep you high on his pedestal
  • Discover the one thing only you can control in your pursuit

No more, “how can I get him to notice me?”

No more, “how can I get him to ask me out?”

No more, “why hasn’t he called?” 

This program is for you if:

  • You want the feeling of a woman who is taken care of
  • You want to be able to receive a wedding invite and know that you have “plus 1” by your side, who’s NOT a “random”
  • You want the feeling of a woman who has someone to bring her water when she’s coughing in the middle of the night
  • You want to laugh with your man in the car on your way to dinner
  • You want help putting the baby stroller in the car while you rest comfortably in the front seat, knowing everything is taken care of
  • You want to feel adored, desired, and attractive
  • You want to stop obsessing over men
  • You feel like you’ve been lacking. You’ve lost “it” and you’re ready to get it back!
  • You are ready to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be!
Wanting these things is not a shallow desire. Honor your feminine spirit. Learn the virtues. Work with me, because iron sharpens iron!

Enrollment ends Wednesday, April 12, 2017. 


Monique has a gift in helping me understand and see things clearly. There’s so much clarity in everything she says and how she explains it. Now, I’m more aware of how I respond. I’m feeling more calm because I understand there’s a change happening within me and it’s allowing my man to respond to me with more care and understanding. It’s a breath of fresh air!


Working with Monique has been transformative. Before, I could see what was wrong, but I didn’t know how to change it. Now, Monique has given me skills that shows me there are other approaches to my relationship that will produce a better outcome for me. I’m so inspired. This process has been liberating. With her I don’t worry about being judged. I trust her.