Do you struggle with putting yourself "out there" to meet and attract men?

You’ve hyped yourself up.


You’ve read the articles, spoken to your girlfriends, prayed, and declared that THIS is the year you’re going to meet your man.


You try to put yourself “out there”, but there’s so many things keeping you from making that happen. Things like past hurts or just being stuck in your ways. Since you’ve been single for a while, you’ve gotten used to being alone. And so, you’re out of practice.


You know the way you’ve been talking with men and existing in the world probably isn’t the best, but you just can’t seem to break these old habits and patterns.


You WANT to make a change because you want a relationship in your life. But, you are CLUELESS about what to actually do, and you’ve been this way for a while now.


When you do decide to make some effort to meet a good man, you go out, and just freeze up or go cold, and leave the club feeling like you wasted a perfectly good face of makeup.


It seems to always be the same story -- regardless of the situation.


You meet a man and it goes well...for a while. Then, something changes and the relationship slowly fizzles out.

You see a guy you like, but have no clue how to get him to see you as dateable, and you often end up saying something that you regret as soon as the words leave your month.  


You’re frustrated and figure that it’s not in the cards for you. Again.


You busy yourself with work and other stuff in your life, and so you don’t think about it... kinda.


Then, you see a friend post a photo of her new beaux on Facebook, or you notice the sister at church has a new man in her life, and you want a relationship again.


It’s time to end this vicious cycle.


Feminine Allure™ will teach you how to show up in a new way in every situation.


You just need to a little Feminine Allure™ so that you can show up in an alluring and powerful way.


When you show up in an alluring and powerful way you get to experience more meaningful connection, more consistently.

With Feminine Allure™ on your side, everything becomes easier:

  • You become playful, without being his plaything
  • You become more visible, without having to go to the club to be seen
  • You’re present with men without picking them apart or worrying about what's next
  • You express your needs without feeling guilty or shaming men
  • When he says, “I’m not looking for a relationship right now,” but he still calls you often and comes around. Instead of wondering, you’ll have the keys to discern where you stand with men.

If this sounds like what you need, your solution is an overhaul in your mindset and presentation (your way of being), RIGHT NOW... one that creates permission, self-trust, and openness.


Now, imagine if you could feel 100% sure and confident in your journey to a meet a man, spark his desire for you, and create a meaningful relationship.


How would that make a difference in your life right now?


That's why I created the The Feminine Allure™ Intensive.


The Feminine Allure™ Intensive is a 3-hour virtual experience designed to help you acquire the skills to attract the right man in one day. It’ll help you boost your confidence and adjust your way of being so you get what you want from men and life.

Here's a sample of how the intensive breaks down. 

Each session is 50 minutes with a 10 minute break in between.

Session 1: Personal Presentation

We’ll conduct a mini closet assessment and identify your best outfits so you feel most attractive and confident to present yourself.

Session 2: Feminine Allure™ Attraction Skills

We’ll identify the best locations for you to meet quality men so you can send out attraction signals and decode what’s being sent back to you.

Session 3: Flirt Without Freezing™ Scripts

Since every woman is unique, we’ll carefully craft your very own personalized go-to scripts so you can express interest while remaining in integrity, and move a relationship forward without seeming easy or awkward.

30 Minute Post-Integration Follow Up Call (to be scheduled within 30 days)

Together, we'll assess how you implemented the plan. We'll examine what's working, what's not, and map out your next steps.

In a concentrated and uninterrupted time of 3 hours, we'll work together so that you will...

  • Bust through your confidence blocks and have a plan so you show up in the world in a different way so you can attract opportunities to you
  • Use your body language to communicate charisma and make lasting impressions
  • Develop a list of places to meet quality men in your area, or online
  • Put together your best outfits that’ll make you feel more attractive and confident
  • Create your go-to scripts for common blunders so you can flirt without freezing, strike up conversations, and hold meaningful and productive conversations with men
  • Be put in the best scenarios so you feel set up for success

This is the perfect solution for you if you want to:

  • End the cycle of starting and stopping. You’ll be confident in your journey, knowing you’ll meet your match very soon
  • Stay open consistently, even when you’re triggered -- "Did this brotha just swallow the entire entree without even chewing his food?"
  • Have a process to actively meet men and make connections
  • Boost your belief. Through this process you’ll believe because you have the tools and confidence that you’ll have your man soon
  • Stop the same ole script and start writing a new story into your life

I know what you're thinking, "That list looks pretty good, but-- umm, can't I just call a girlfriend or even get this from Google?"


What I've found is that most women who work with me have exhausted all the low quality options and DIY tactics.


They've read the books, registered for the free webinars, opted into the summits, follow all the relationship coaches and bloggers, and yet, when the moment comes to apply what they've heard, they have no chill.


They default to what they're used to. As a result, they get insecure and either pull back or get super aggressive.


Listen, your results have nothing to do with the advice you’re getting. It’s about how you’re showing up in the world that makes it so you’re not attracting the right man.


You can get advice and read articles, but if you’re not OWNING your influence and showing up in an attractive and powerful way, all the stuff you read online or chat to your girlfriends about won’t work.


That’s what I’ll help you do!


The Feminine Allure™ Intensive is the perfect solution for you because it creates a pattern interrupt.


Without it, best case scenario is that you meet a wonderful man, and even though you know he’s not right for you, you settle for him because your mind starts playing tricks on you.


Worst case scenario is that you meet a man you actually like, but nothing happens because you failed to send him the signals or decode his interest in you.


The Feminine Allure™ Intensive  takes care of that for you. You'll not only have a plan, but you'll also have practices so you can keep it up.


If you're reading this now it's because you're tired of running the same ole script. You DON'T want to be the same anymore, and you're READY for a change now!

I sincerely enjoyed working with Monique. She always brings a combination of spunk, warmth, and vulnerability to our sessions. I feel like she understands my insecurities and fears and has helped me get past them.


After working with Monique, I'm very centered in terms of where I am with confidence in myself, and it shows even more on the outside. I've noticed a change in myself. Regarding socializing with men, I'm more open, more fun, less guarded, and more out of my head. Now, I'm able to walk into a room where I don't know anyone and spark conversation. Things are going really well.


This type of confidence and know-how isn’t something you can get anywhere. It’s my specific Feminine Allure Method™ that only I can teach you how to do.  


What say you?

Woman of Decision Introductory: $1,500 USD

To Be Paid in Full Before Session (Payment Plan Available)