Client Success Story: “My money increased when I upleveled my feminine allure!”

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“It’s an all in one,” she says.

Since everything is energy including money and men, there’s a correlation in how you interact with them both.

Have you ever met a guy and jumped the gun by letting him not what you’re NOT going to do, before he even brings it up?


“Nope, I’m not sleeping with you”

“Nope, I’m not getting married again”

“Nope, I’m not paying”

“Nope, I’m not… (insert the situation here that you want on your terms)”

There’s a certain energy that we bring to our life when we’re closed and shut down.

That’s what my client Yvonne did before working with me. Because of her past experiences she shut down the idea of marriage again.

Here’s what I want you to get… you don’t have to tell your worth, you wear it. Be a living example of your desires and values. That’s the part within you that creates influence and impact. 

Yvonne, shared her story of how this played out in her life.

Here’s what she’s saying now.

With how you taught me to communicate with him, within 5 minutes, he was there fulfilling my deeper needs. It made me think, ‘this really works because of the bond it created.’ Now, in how I express my deeper needs he says, for him this is delicate. He told me, ‘how I am now, it makes him want to up his respect for me.’

BAM! There you have it!

When you practice the virtues of feminine allure, you can gain both the respect and devotion of men. You get to be cherished. And, you get to feel good about your self in the process. You get to become a woman whom you yourself are proud of.

Yvonne also mentioned that the lessons she learned from working with me, she can apply to business as well.

So tell me, what’s next for you, your feminine allure, and how you show up with men?

If you’d like help getting out of your rut so you can be the woman who’s open and confident, sparks desires, and creates amazing connection in 2017, let’s schedule a time to chat. 

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