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Delete Dating Apps That Require Women to Make the First Move

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I know this probably goes against what you’ve heard me say, “that women are the initiators,” but not in this way. 

Just like some believe that politics has no place in the NFL, my philosophy is that feminism has no place in romance. 

I encourage you to delete the feminist dating apps. UNLESS, it’s more important for you to be respected than it is for you to be cherished. 

Though I don’t have personal experience with online dating, but I do have experience with men. I get them, and with sites and apps that encourage you to make the first move, women lose. 

Here’s why. 

It’s a trap.

First, and this is purely my hypothesis, the type of men on these sites aren’t qualified, if you desire a masculine man. They either:

  1. Created a profile because it’s a numbers game. You know, pump and dump.
  2. Have no game. They’re not social and want to play safe by allowing women to comment first.
  3. Likely have someone, but still wants to play… “Oh she reached out to me, she messaged me, I never contacted her at all…”

Again, this is purely speculation given my perceptive insight. 

I share the other reasons in this week’s video. Plus, I share my personal story of making the first move IN REAL LIFE and how it diminishes a man’s prowess.

How about you? 

Do you have experience and success stories with dating apps that require women to make the first move? 

Hop on over and tell me in the comments section below. I’d love to know.

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  1. Michelle

    I used dating apps to “meet ” men to date. And maybe I did it wrong, but I rarely approached the men first. The only thing I did first was to click that I was interested or that I liked their post. But then I would not contact again until they did. And even beyond that, I did wait for them to make the first move, it’s always worked for me. With my current BF, I did the same thing. And at every advance of our relationship (of 2.5 years so far) I have let him make the first move. From when he said I love you, to changing FB status, to asking me out (in the beginning). I remember 3 months into our relationship, he asked me why I hadn’t changed my FB status yet. I told him only when we were ready. But if he changed it, I would follow. That night he changed it. So I followed! lol

    1. L Gabrelle

      Loved your reply, Michelle. My experiences with dating apps have been same as yours. Only did a “like” to show interest and the rest was on them. I think its fine for women to show interest and let a man know you are #present. That’s what God did for Ruth…put her in the presence of Boaz.

      But I’ve yet to see a dating app “require” a woman to make the first move or convo. Going to stay away from those ad I’m getting back out into the dating world…lol.

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