True or False? I have at least one girlfriend I can be vulnerable with AND who’s committed to bringing out my best.

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Learning how to navigate womanhood and relationships can be hard, awkward, lonely, frustrating, and just plain confusing. Sometimes, you need perceptive insight to help you figure this thing out, but you know you can’t talk to just anyone.

Tell me, does this sounds familiar?

  • You keep a lot of things inside because you’re not sure what kind of judgment you might get
  • The people in your life that you’re close to don’t share the same values or interests, so you don’t feel connected
  • You’ve got friends, but you find you can’t be vulnerable with them

You’re like, “dang, who the heck can I talk to?”

You have a desire to talk to some girlfriends, but either:

  1. you just haven’t found the right people yet
  2. you lost touch when you devoted all your time to your man
  3. the women you know aren’t equipped to give you good perspective
  4. you don’t want to “vomit” on your friends anymore. They’re already frustrated.

They’re like…

You can’t talk to your mom. Sometimes you feel worse afterwards. She advises you to act in a certain way and you’re thinking, “But, I never saw you do it. How do you expect me to start something different when I inherited this from you?”

When women don’t have girlfriends to turn to, we find ourselves coping in other ways. We often participate in low quality pursuits: indulgence in low quality food, sex with randoms, alcohol, etc.

When you turn to the man in your life, instead of a sisterhood, you put too much pressure on him to be your everything. It’s not fair, and it can even be detrimental to your relationship. If he’s directly impacted by what you’re saying it’s very likely he’ll view it as complaining and get defensive. The conversation will become unpredictable and go nowhere.

But, when you have a confidante, you get to treat your man like a stranger. It becomes your feminine gift offering because you’ll appear as a woman who’s gracious and unbothered by the little things that you would typically find annoying.

What do you think ?  Can you somehow relate?

If you find yourself in what I’ve described above, then I know what you need!

I know you need:

  • a sisterhood where you can discuss your concerns without feeling like you’re “putting all yo’ business out there”
  • a space where you can discuss your relationship without feeling like you’re throwing your man under the bus
  • a forum to talk about “girly” things (boobs, boys, books, ambition, etc), without the fear of being perceived as shallow or vain
  • someone to stand for your greatness and champion for you, judgment suspended

You need a sacred space where you can cultivate your secret garden and activate your feminine self. Here’s what else I know… it doesn’t matter if you’re 14 or 84, the feminine desires don’t change. Women have a yearning for connection.

Here’s what I’m thinking. You can carry along with the same frustrations you’ve been experiencing, or you can get access to knowledge, turn your knowledge into skill, and allow your skill to help you attract the right man and have a purposeful relationship.

It’s said that “for a man to experience a healthier life, he should marry a woman. For a woman to have a healthier life, she should foster friendships with other women.”

When you are a part of a space where you can relate to other women, you:

  • Feel more beautiful
  • Reduce your stress, and
  • Get your needs met in a way a man isn’t qualified to meet

The result? You get to show up in the world and in your love life as the epitome of light, freedom, and playfulness =>irresistible confidence.

This is your invitation to join the Feminine Allure Academy. Learn more about the program here.

The Feminine Allure Academy is a 12-month sacred training where you’re not made wrong for your feminine desires. Instead, this influential community is a place where you’ll identify your feminine strengths so you develop your influence, presence, and allure.

The Feminine Allure Academy is your access to me.

Feminine allure
I work with women who’ve been through some really tough stuff and turned to God to help them out, but they’re still a little rough around the edges and struggle with finding love because of it.

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When you enroll in the Feminine Allure Academy, you get access to:

  • LIVE weekly interactive training
  • A supportive community of like-minded women is what you get.
  • Special guest faculty
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You’ll start practicing the virtues that’ll make you a fascinating woman… one who is feels equipped to attract a great man and keep his interest without losing yourself or your integrity.

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Looking forward to connecting.

To your enhancement,


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