Hope is NOT a Strategy!

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Your love life can die slowly from years of apathy. The most damaging thing you can do is wait on God, and do nothing.

Perhaps you feel that waiting to be found is the least risky path. You won’t be viewed as easy. Plus, it’s likely to protect you from rejection, from disappointment, or from repeating the past.

It’s not really your fault. Fear and discouragement creates stagnancy. 

But oftentimes, action is the most conservative and safest path.

Why not try a path of faith and boldness?

One that will cultivate the confidence you need to move a man, to impress a man, and to influence a man. 

My big wish for you, right now, is to awaken in you a capability not often expressed by women of faith. 

When it comes to creating love, women of faith have a tendency toward passivity that completely goes against who God made you to be. 

Hope is NOT a strategy. Merely spiritualizing your love wish and calling it a prayer won’t do anything. Instead, you must receive the spiritual download and act on it. 

You are a woman worth having. You were made to influence men, to rule in this world, and to subdue it.

Your love life, your ability to attract the right man, and create a meaningful relationship can only rise to the level of your courage. 

Not only does it require the confidence to be a person, but it also requires the confidence to be a woman. 

I’ll show you how. 

Stay tuned!

To your enhancement,


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