How Successful Women Are Blocking the Right Man

Remove this Block and Be Fascinating to Men!

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Here’s the third message in the series: 3 Ways Successful Women are Blocking the Right Man. 

In the first email, I shared Block #1, the promise ring. I shared the story of a successful, civically active, PhD in her 40s who wore a ring on her left ring finger, though she’s not married.  “I’m just tired. The right man will get to know me first and know that I’m not married,” she says,

What she doesn’t know is how to be fascinating… that her success in attracting the right man is dependent upon her ability to send courtship signals. 

Then, we moved to Block #2: Projects 

We looked at Nina, who’s so invested in her work that she’s abandoned her dating life unintentionally. She hesitates to put forth the same effort in her love life because the results aren’t so predictable. She feels out of control.

What Nina doesn’t know is that being a confident and alluring woman who has an AMAZING love life requires you to let go of the need to know what’s coming next.  

Which brings me today’s block.

Block #3: Projecting

Just last night, John and I watched Bishop T.D. Jakes’ interview on The Breakfast Club. He discussed his new book SOAR, and he said, “so many people have so much respect for the future and no respect for the present.”

We’re so concerned with the prize, that we miss the next step. “If you don’t honor the next step, you won’t make it to the prize. If you don’t have respect for where you are, you don’t get to where you’re going.”

Here’s how this looked in my love life.  

I’m a first-generation American. My family’s from Jamaica. Growing up, I thought I’d marry a West Indian man because so that there wouldn’t be so much of a culture shock.

When John and I were courting, it was clear that he would’ve been so satisfied with just chicken wings and pizza on the regular. Once, I brought us some Thai food, and he was like, “WTF is that?!”

In my mind, I was like, “Ugghhhhhhhh, he’s sooooo basic.”

Then, I began to project… I would tell myself “OMG, if we have children they’re going to be basic too because they’ll be like, ‘we’ll daddy doesn’t like it either.'”

Watch the video to get the full story of what I did to stop projecting and instead drew him closer so that I could define his good, awaken his king, and fascinate him. 



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