“If I’m Too Successful, My Spouse Will Leave”

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“Monique, why are you hiding?”

“Am I hiding? I don’t think that I’m hiding, am I?”

That was a conversation between my mentor and me sometime in January 2016. It was my first full-time year in my business of serving women like you. You’re marriage-minded, you’re a woman of faith, and you really desire to be in a committed relationship. And you struggle with just being vulnerable, trusting, letting your guard down, attracting quality men.

So what I do is that I help you by teaching you skills that helps you to attract and communicate with a right men and then use these same skills in other areas of your life.

Now, fast forward to November of 2017. I was in Florida for an event, it was a mindset event, it’s called The Mindset Retreat, and we were identifying some of our limiting beliefs that keep business owners playing small. We were there and the host had at least 100 limiting beliefs on the screen… everything from, “If I make too much money, I’ll have to pay more taxes.”, or, “If I’m visible, I’ll get rejected, people would talk about me.”

For me, a lot of them really didn’t resonate, to be honest. I probably identified about eight total limiting beliefs. Some of the people knew had at least 20 or 30. But, there was one in particular that stood out and that resonated and that really jolted my spirit and it was really jarring.

It read, “If I’m too successful, my spouse will leave.”

I stood up, because I was triggered by it, and then I sat down. When I sat down, it was quiet and the only thing you could hear was, “Woooo huuuugh,” and that was me crying an ugly, snot nose cry.

What I realized was that there was this chemical release that was happening in the form of tears, and I identified that as a limiting belief.

Now, when my mentor said back in 2016, “Monique, why are you hiding?” I didn’t think that I was. And even at this event, one of the coaches sort of introduced me to say, “Hey, this is Monique, she’s gonna be on Oprah.” Or, when I speak to women, you know, when I speak to potential clients, they’ll say things like, “Oh my gosh, I need to get my money right. I need to work with you before you blow up.” And I’m like, “Yeah, before I raise these rates.”


So I’m saying this to say that people see something within me that I also see within myself, and yet, at the same time I have not been living up to that expectation.

One of the things that my mentor revealed to me, she said, “Monique, your people are waiting for you. You have to step up.”

And I’m like, “I am stepping up. I’m being visible, what more can I do?” She was like, “No, you need to step up. Your people are waiting for you.”

Here’s what I want you to know. Number one, it’s really important that you get a mentor, someone who can lovingly call you out when you’re BS, your belief system. Call you out on those limiting beliefs, because guess what? Every woman has a story.

For me, this limiting belief came up in a form of, “If I’m too successful, my spouse will leave, even though it’s ridiculous.

It’s absolutely ridiculous in the bigger scheme of things. And, when I shared this with my husband when I returned from that trip, he hugged me, and he comforted me and he reminded me of our goals.


My husband and I are both business owners and our wish is that whoever pops first, whoever makes it big first, we are sowing into the other person’s vision and that’s just it.

I had to acknowledge, where does this belief come from? Where did I see it?
Remember, I come from a single parent home, my parents divorced when I was around 4 or 5. And, to be honest with you, I don’t remember growing up seeing successful women who were happily married.

I had made a decision, somewhere within there, that I am not sacrificing family, legacy, generational wealth, a spirit of excellence, and the harvest, the seeds, for what’s traditionally called “success”.

Yet, I was reminded that this is a part of my Christ-mandate, and guess what? I CAN have it all.

So can you!

The first thing that I want you to know is that you want to get aligned with a mentor who can lovingly call you out on your belief system, who has a higher vision for you, who sees greatness in you and can pull you up to that.

The second thing that you have to do, which is what I’m doing in 2018, is that you have to make a decision.

Cause guess what? Just like my people are waiting for me, the man that you want is waiting for you too.

When I first moved to St. Louis in 2009 from Detroit and I met my husband in 2012, he would always say things like, “I wonder if God brought you to St. Louis to meet me?” And I was like, “Yeah, God brought me here so I can change your life.” My husband and I kind of banter like that.

The point is men are waiting for you to take your place. I remember even making a video about this in, like, 2013. Men are waiting for you to step up and claim your place, because they’re waiting for the modifying influence of the right woman. That’s what Napoleon Hill says in Think and Grow Rich.
You have influence, you have impact. You influence men more than they influence you, and you have to step up.

So, what is it that you need to heal within yourself?

Together, let’s commit together to having it all. Let’s commit to visibility. Let’s commit to everything that your heart wants and desires in 2018 and beyond.

Right now, I’m on this philosophy that marketing principles apply to relationships, because people want to get a good deal. I’m hosting a Masterclass that I want you to come.

It’s called Saved, Successful and Single. There’s a connection in the vibration that you hold that will help you to attract or push away both men and money. It’s a vibration.

On this Masterclass I’ve assembled some experts, and we’re going to be revealing the secrets, so that you can attract the right man and attract more money, should your soul desire, in 2018.

That’s my big vision for you, is to love without limitation, to step into visibility, to remove the limiting beliefs, and to remove the love blocks.

This is something I’m also working on, because guess what? No woman is exceptional all by herself. Iron sharpens iron.

If this story speaks to you, if it appeals to you, go ahead and click on the link below, and you’ll be redirected. We’re going to start January 8th

Saved Successful Single

I’m looking forward to having you join us! 

To your success,



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