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My Independence Almost Sabotaged My Marriage

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I’ve never been one to refer to myself as the strong, independent Black woman, but truth is that I am.

I just don’t believe in tell people my worth. It’s kind of like when a man says, “I’m a man.” Then, I’m thinking, “well act like it.”

Do you follow? Or, am I tripping?

Plus, I’ve never wanted to subscribed to that persona and way of being because many of the women I heard or saw who subscribed to it were single.

And, I never wanted that for my life.

It wasn’t until I met my husband that it was revealed to me how controlling and independent I was. Actually, before him I had a clue, but I could never identify that it was MY OWN control. I thought it was just the men who didn’t have what it took to tame or handle a woman like me.

I’m sharing this because you too have a desire to be with an attractive, committed, and honorable man, but you might also have some self-sabotaging behaviors.

If you don’t have what you want- it’s time to get honest because like I had to realize- it’s not the men, it’s you.

In today’s video, which is less than 3 minutes might I add, I share my tendency that I struggled with recently, and what you can do to make major shifts in your life so get you closer to love.

Go ahead and watch the video, and then tell me how do you believe you self-sabotage?

To your enhancement, 


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