Men are waiting on YOU to get your act together

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You know… I tried to write this message to you several times; but, I just couldn’t. Instead, my spirit was instructing me to do a video. Naturally, I was resistant to record a video because I wasn’t “all dolled up.” No hair, no makeup, no lashes. Oh well.

I believe in a woman keeping herself up, but keeping up appearances is another lesson I’ll have to discuss in the future. But for now, the message is more important than how I appear.

You know what else? Taking “inspired action”, like recording this video for you, is a lesson in obedience because when we get “divine downloads” we must act on them immediately to reap the benefits.

I recorded this video for you, and I posted it last night on Facebook.

In it, I highlight what’s possible for you when you step up to claim your place in the world and when you get comfortable with not knowing the next step in love. Remember, you don’t have to work at love, you just have to let it in.

Lately, I haven’t been working privately with women because I’ve been really focused on my group coaching program, but I see a need and I hear your desire.

Plus, I know that to experience real transformation and to turn new information into habit, and habit into skill, the skill necessary to cultivate amazing love by polishing your potential, requires a higher commitment.

Real soon, I’m going to be opening private consultations to work with me one-on-one to Polish Your Potentialwhich is the name of the program. Fascinating, right?!

Until then, view the 3 minute video here, then join the conversation in the virtual salon (aka Facebook).

To your enhancement,


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  1. J. Reece

    Wow Monique, sooo many takeaways from this video! So may quotable moments that hit me right in the head and in the heart- “you’re not in receiving mode”, “there are men who are waiting for you to claim your place in this world, to contribute to their lives, to enhance their lives so that they can be better men” YES, YES, YES! preach! I literally had a guy who I wanted to eventually marry say to me, when are you going to get it together. I was pulling him in and pushing him away at the same time. My head was spinning in my relationship with him and with my career, trying to have things on my terms. Working to get things exactly how I wanted it had me spinning, therefore I indeed did not have it together 🙁

    You have wisdom beyond your years. I’m in need of this wisdom 🙂

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