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There’s something magical about a woman who gifts herself time to herself and her desires. Don’t you think? 

When’s the last time you invested in yourself? And, I’m not taking about buying stuff. I’m talking about investing in experiences that develop you… in mentorship to create a change from the inside out. 

The first time I invested in myself, (and I DON’T count traditional education), at a high level was about 4 years ago.

You see, I had this character flaw. A pattern I couldn’t break. When I entered a relationship, it was like nothing was ever good enough. 

Being a woman with a vision and goals to accomplish I was on the move, “doing it”. And, I wanted people in my circle, including my man, to be doing things at a certain level too. 

In my first adult relationship, my ex called me a habitual complainer. I thought I was just helping.  (Since he was 10 years older than I was, you’d think I’d trust the man run his own life like he’d been doing for the 33 years before we met. But nope).

When I met the man I could finally see myself building with for the long-term, I got scared because I had this pattern of pointing out flaws and seeing all the things that weren’t right.

I even revealed to him that “I wondered if I can ever be satisfied?” He interpreted that to mean I didn’t love him. Ouch! 

I realized that something was wrong and I couldn’t put a name on it.

You see, I had gotten by on my looks and my great energy, but inside, I was a broken girl from a broken home who deeply desired to make a change not only in myself but also in my legacy, down to the third and fourth generation. 

I wanted more for myself because I knew the way I was showing up with men wasn’t the best, but I didn’t know how to change. 

Until I met the woman who I hired to mentor me. With her, I learned how to care for myself in a deep and self-honoring way. This allowed me to take the pressure off of the men in my life, so that I could see the good in them and their efforts. 

Because I was keeping my eyes on my own paper instead of the man in my life, I restored my radiance because I was moving forward with acceptance… acceptance of my parents and my own personal story, without judging it, and in accepting men without judging them.

Here’s why I’m sharing this with you. 

You may not have a defective habit of skepticism and mistrust like me. Perhaps your pattern is:

  • Attracting unavailable men
  • Having sex too soon
  • Staying in relationships that show no evidence of long term compatibility
  • Having your guard up
  • Not being yourself when you’re around men
  • Planning and doing everything in the relationship until you get resentful

Girl look. No woman is exceptional ALL by herself. Successful women bubble to the top together.

Let’s partner together to get you where you want to be regarding your femininity, womanhood, and relationships with men. Make having love in your life a priority. 

I want to make sure that you’re aware that the Feminine Allure™ Intensive will be available for one more week.

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The time is now for you to boost your magic, magnetism, and allure. Men are waiting on you!

I’ve opened up my calendar to speak with you if you have some questions about the Intensive. 

Book your time and let’s chat. Together, let’s get you the clarity you need. I’m happy to help.

You’ve got this!

To your enhancement,


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