Just 1 Year to the Most Enchanting,
Polished, and Powerful You

What if, instead of focusing on your fears, or on the faults of the man in your life, you began concentrating on your own potential and polishing it daily? 

I’ve been listening, and I hear you.

  • You feel you’ve lost yourself in your relationship
  • You don’t have a commitment from the man you’re with, so you’re suspicious of his motives
  • You’re wondering when “your time” will come
  • Your past experiences make it hurt to trust fully, so you’re “on guard”

I’m here to affirm that these fears do not serve you, and they will bring forth no profit. I’ve been there, and I know. Not too long ago I had the same concerns:

  • am I making the right decision?
  • what if insertsomecrazysituationhere?
  • can I trust him?
  • will he love me when he discovers the real me?
  • will I be satisfied? 

Whether you’re single, married, or somewhere in between, your success in having a meaningful and blissful relationship has less to do with your agenda to make it happen.

It has everything to do with your ability to create inspiration instead of obligation. 

Because of these fears, it’s inevitable that we’ll try to do everything in our power to prevent insertbadsituationhere from happening. We’ll…

  • check his phone
  • try to force security by asking lots of questions
  • make predictions about what he might do based on fears, instead of love and abundance
  • put up a wall, then wait to see if he has what it takes to bust through it

Ugh oh.

Here’s the problem with that; it stands in the way of getting what you really want. I know what you really want. What you want is:

  • the inner strength to put your guard down and to let love in
  • You want to trust and to believe that there is someone out there who is for you… someone who can open you up, hold you and your secrets tenderly, and ravish you
  • You want someone you can be devoted to
  • You want to feel beautiful
  • You want to possess the power to light up a room upon entrance
  • You want the savvy to advocate for what you want without disrespecting the person on the receiving end

If you’re single, there’s hope!

You don’t have to hunt for him because he’s already looking for you. Trust me. I know these things.  So, the question becomes what kind of woman do you need to become to be ready?

I know you got a lot going for you. You’re deeper than your life shows, and you’ve got a lot of love to give.  However, one too many times you’ve found yourself:

  1. Easily irritated and struggling to express yourself in a way that a man sees how his actions (or lack thereof) impact you
  2. Criticizing, in hopes that it’ll motivate a man to change his behavior
  3. Defaulting to using your words as your weapon instead of your wand
  4. Experiencing mood swings and needless emotional turmoil

You’re tired and (dare I say it)… ashamed, of how you’ve been showing up in the world. But yet, this isn’t your normal. At work or with your girlfriends, you’re sweet, pleasant, and respectful. But for some reason, you’ve found yourself turning into mother hen when things don’t go as expected with your men.

You know how you’re operating currently isn’t serving you. But, here’s what I know. I know that if you knew your power, you’d exercise your charm more often. When you exercise your charm, you begin to communicate with power, empathy, and without judgment.

You become a magnet for your own desires because you’ll be equipped with the skill to break down walls of reserve, that inner wall that keeps defenses up.

So who do you need to become to make that happen?

You must become a woman who represents light and playfulness, grace and confidence, a woman who’s trusting and free.

To become the most polished and powerful you, you absolutely must concentrate on your own potential, instead of focusing on the faults of the man in your life. 

When you concentrate on your own potential, instead of fear or faults, then you can advocate for yourself with grace, you regain your sense of dignity, and you develop a sphere of influence to inspire your man, rather than obligate him.



When you step into your feminine allure, you are in position to operate within your God-given power to minister the healing balm that not only keeps men going, but also keeps your family, your community, and our nation going.  Nothing compares to your feminine power, and nothing can replace it.

I know you’ve got the knowledge. You already know what to do, but what you need is the skill. I can help you with that.

I want to invite you to an exclusive opportunity to:
  • Be mentored to blossom as the best version of yourself
  • Honor the woman you are while learning to let love in
  • Remove your armor so that you can be seen
  • Put your feminine allure into daily practice
  • Up-level your love skills and own your influence

At this point, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve experienced hurt, and it’s causing you to shy away from one of your deepest feminine desires… to show up in the world confidently in a way that attracts men.

I know you really want to open yourself to love, to let love in. But dammit it’s hard, and scary.

I also know you’ve been saying to yourself:

  • I’m not sure it’s worth it to keep trying.
  • I wonder if I’m too independent or too much?
  • What’s wrong with me? I keep screwing things up.
  • I guess I’ll just stay single forever.
Please hear me when I say that you are not alone. I know it feels safer to believe those things, but those thoughts are not serving you.

Plus, it’s not want you really want, or else you wouldn’t be reading this right now

I know you want to:

  • Attract quality men (the ones you actually like)
  • Release old patterns (like mistrust and skepticism)
  • Communicate confidently without sounding demanding, or starting a fight
  • Signal men to approach you (without seeming thirsty)
  • Keep his interest without losing your dignity
  • See the good in men and trust yourself to choose wisely
  • Boost your confidence and feel valued
  • Believe that someone else can take the lead (so you can get a break)

Monique’s plan has allowed for a lot more grace on my end. I’m confident in my ability to offer emotional support. I’m expressing the things I want positively, and it feels more like now we’re having a conversation as opposed to a debate.


I sincerely enjoyed working with Monique. She always brings a combination of spunk, warmth, and vulnerability to our sessions. I feel like she understand my insecurities and my fears and has helped me get past them.



If this sounds like you, now’s the time to Polish Your Potential.

Polish Your Potential  is my 12-month private, skill building program to help you release your fears around love… the fears that keep you stuck, and instead become a man magnet by learning to create invitation, instead of obligation. (Oh yea baby!!)

Here’s what you get…

12 months of personalized support, attention, and guidance from me including…

  • Exclusive, Private 1:1 Mentoring
  • 12 Polish Your Potential Implementation Kits
  • Welcome and Prep Packet
  • 3- 45 minute, private skill-building calls per month with me
  • Audio and video recordings 
  • Email support and access between calls

I’m Monique Head, and I created Polish Your Potential because I know the tormenting effects of fear on our love life. I help discerning women, like you, release your fears so that you can let love in.

I’m on a mission to help women exist as love by equipping us with the feminine allure necessary to cultivate a life and a relationship that we can be proud of and cherish.

Here’s a taste of some of the topics we’ll cover.

  • The Privilege of Being a Woman
    • Receive confident mindset training to develop the allure of a feminine woman
    • Practice methods to make yourself happy that inspire men to serve you
    • Learn the potent skill that inspires chivalry
    • Spark interest and attract quality men with ease, poise, and confidence
  • The Modifying Influence of a Woman 
    • Learn what it takes to encourage a man’s generosity (finally)
    • Communicate your needs without nagging or making demands (even when you’re hurt)
    • Release the fears the prevent you from becoming your best and most attractive self
    • Preserve and magnify your feminine allure by appealing to his masculinity
  • Stand in Your Greatness (instead of your emotions)
    • Create the atmosphere that holds the vision of the woman you desire to become
    • Cultivate your charisma and brand yourself for the life and relationship you want
    • Stop experiencing needless emotional turmoil and start being intentional about what you’re creating next in your love life
    • Prime your mind and claim your place as a polished woman who creates inspiration, instead of obligation

If this feels right for you, trust that feeling. And, I want you to be absolutely sure that this program is for you, and that I can help you get what you want.



Monique has a gift in helping me understand and see things clearly. There’s so much clarity in everything she says and how she explains it. Now, I’m more aware of how I respond. I’m feeling more calm because I understand there’s a change happening within me and it’s allowing my man to respond to me with more care and understanding. It’s a breath of fresh air!


Working with Monique has been transformative. Before, I could see what was wrong, but I didn’t know how to change it. Now, Monique has given me skills that shows me there are other approaches to my relationship that will produce a better outcome for me. I’m so inspired. This process has been liberating. With her I don’t worry about being judged. I trust her.


Now is the time to say “yes” to your vision and to yourself.

When you get comfortable with not knowing what’s next, you’ll soon see that how you relate to men is an outer manifestation of what’s happening within
Say “Yes” to yourself. 

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