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REVEALED: The Secret to Increase Your Femininity & Attractiveness

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I’ve been hearing you lately and you want to learn more about your Feminine Allure™.  I know there’s a lot of advice out there regarding femininity, but it’s missing a critical component.

It’s my intention to give you just one small thing so you can begin to practice and apply Feminine Allure™ in your everyday so that when you’re showing up with men, you’re showing up in a way that’s both powerful and feminine. You’re showing up in a way that’s alluring, magnetic, and fascinating.

Here’s what I want you to know.

Femininity has two parts. Most of the information available just focuses on one part, and that leaves you without the critical component.

Here’s the quick and dirty two-part guide to femininity.

First, there’s the feminine look. This is where the minds of many women go to. It’s hair, nails, grooming, voice, textures of the clothes you wear, etc.

Then, there’s your Feminine Allure (or feminine way of being). Your Feminine Allure™ is the part that makes you starkly different from men.   When you’re in your masculine, that’s what I call executive energy, you’re more results oriented.  But, when you’re in your Feminine Allure™ you operate within experience orientation.

If you want the full experience watch the video here. Or, you read it the summary below.

For example, let’s say you go to shopping for a bra.  If you’re mind is like, “I need a bra. I need something that fits, that supports me, and that doesn’t make my back hurt” then, you’re in your executive energy. You’re in results orientation. You’re in your masculine energy.

However, if you go shopping for a bra and your mindset is that you want to feel good, and you love the touch and the texture of the material, and you love the lighting of store and it’s fragrances then, you’re in your feminine. You’re in an experience orientation.

Comment below, how have you noticed the distinction in your life?

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    I’m Emily 🙂

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