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Stop Attracting Mediocre Men: The Sneaky Habit that Blocks You from Love

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Life is already rich and fulfilling. You’re surrounded by love, wealth, and success in many realms. You’re a professional woman with a great career, incredible friends, a supportive family, and the most wonderful children a woman can ask for.

Yet there’s room – for romance, specifically.

Your best friend, your family, and your children are all pieces of the puzzle. They’re dynamic, necessary, and essential to your life.

But they can’t hold you at night.

(At least, not the way he will.)

They can’t kiss you when you wake up in the morning.

(At least, not the way he will.)

They can’t nuzzle against you in a way that makes you feel safe, protected, and cherished in this world.

{You definitely know HE will.)

You always ask is, “God, where is he?”

But the real question is, “Where are YOU?”

Men are everywhere. You probably have 2 or 3 men secretly crushing on you, and wondering if they can put a ring on you. But if you’re meeting men who are lackluster, then the challenge is closer to home. It’s your vibration.

How Your Vibe Affects Your Man Magnet

Your intentions set the tone for everything you do. Mediocre men are attracted to women who are mediocre in nature. Of course, this isn’t obvious on the surface level.

You are smart, attractive, and know what you want. However as you get to know men, and dig deep into your readiness, you might say:

“I need to make more money first.”
“I’ll get a man after I drop another 20 pounds or so.”
“My kids are taking up a lot of time this year. Maybe when things calm down.”
Listen – all of those excuses are the result of low vibrational thoughts that go against your desires. When you know there are men who have the means to go all the way – to the moon, stars, and beyond – on every level with you, there’s no need to put up walls.

The opposite of mediocre is exceptional.

Exceptional men surround you, but they’re only magnetized to pair with women who are just as, or perhaps more than exceptional.

Your low vibrational thinking is a habit constructed in fear.

That FEAR is what BLOCKS YOU from attracting the man God has for you.

Yeah, your emotionally available, masculine, and Godly man is out here praying for you, looking for you, and saving money for your ring. But he cannot see you covered in all that soggy, “IDK if I’m really ready yet” energy you exude.

And, he’s going to give that ring to another woman who may not be perfect, but is perfectly prepared and ready for her blessing.

Are you guilty of yearning for Mr. Right – only to push him away with hidden fears you disguise as events or tasks that must be perfected or come to pass first?

If so, please stop. Now. By doing this, you’re throwing a huge contradiction into what it is you say you want for your life.

When you acknowledge this, you can stop making low vibrational choices out of fear, and start developing a strategy sourced of love, confidence, and faith in the process.

Ready to Level Up?

Tell the truth and get real with yourself. Call a thing a thing, so you can get to the truth of it, heal and create the results you want.

The solution is simple but it is not easy.

The Feminine Allure™ Path to Love is a 4 step system available to you for assistance. When you connect to your Feminine Allure™, you’ll learn greatness trumps perfection. You’ll have a high sense of self worth with irresistible confidence as you:

  1. Reconnect to your Feminine Allure™
  2. Feel confident in your journey
  3. Meet YOUR Mr. Right
  4. Experience deep and profound love

If you’re like, “YES, Monique! This is speaking to me. This is exactly what I want and need,” great. That’s a sign for you to apply for a Get Acquainted Call.

Don’t wait. Believe in yourself enough to apply for a call.

To your enhancement,


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