The secret ingredient to activate your femininity

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There’s a key ingredient to awakening your Feminine Allure™. 

I often hear from women who are missing this piece. They don’t realize how it can impact their lives, until it’s time to go out and put your femininity to practice so you can meet men and speak to them without fear of desperation.   

Rather than hiding the ball, I’ll reveal to you that the secret to activate your femininity is…

…other women!

Now, if you’ve grown up with distrust of women, or you just feel awkward around them, you’re not alone. 

I grew up with four brothers so I’ve always felt generally comfortable around the male species. Honestly, it was women I felt uncomfortable around.

Like my 12 year old niece, I’ve always wanted a sister so that I could have a best friend forever and wouldn’t have to worry about the mean girls.

But, it was difficult to invest in developing friendships when my mom would tell my brothers and I, that “friends will get you in trouble. You have no friends. Only I and God are your friends.”

I used to be that woman who said, “I don’t like hanging with other women.”

Part of that can be attributed to the fact that I was raised with four brothers, so that’s what I was used to. The other part was attributed to my lack of warmth, which was rooted in judgment of others. 

Here’s why I’m sharing this with you.

When women don’t have girlfriends to turn to, we find ourselves coping in other ways.

We often participate in low quality pursuits: it’s indulgence in low quality food, sex with randoms, alcohol, impulsive shopping, or even getting lost in social media to escape our own lives.  

WATCH the video to discover how women can help you activate your femininity and identify what you can do NOW to start forming and strengthening relationships with other women.  

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P.S. If you crave a tribe of women, a sisterhood, to support you and keep you accountable, then my signature program, the Feminine Allure Academy might be just the solution for you. Learn more.

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  1. AJ

    It’s 2018, we cannot continue to hold on to a distrust of other women. If you don’t have a strong sister circle, you are really missing out. I too have been there – I used the excuse “I get along better with men”, when in truth, I needed to work on myself and learn how to be confident around other women without suspicions, jealousy and envy.

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