Understand How Men Speak to Decode If He Sees a Future With You

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Since how we do anything is how we do everything, Feminine Allure™ won’t just get you a man. It will get you a lot of things. It’s a way of being that helps you to attract the right man and use those same attraction skills to improve other areas of your life.

Just last week, I was speaking with a woman where I shared some shifts she could make and to see if we were a good fit for working together. She wanted to speak with me because she’s coping with the long distance situation. She really wants to keep a certain man interested in her because she feels he’s a quality man.

She revealed to me that she told him “If you’re going to ghost on me, just let me know so I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time.”

His response was “Oh, you know, I used to be that way… anxious too. You don’t have to feel anxious about this…”

So I shared with her that there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that he is straight up running game. The good news is that she can absolutely turn this around.

Now, here’s why I’m say he was running game, because something similar happened to me. I shared my story that in 2006 I had gone to England to visit family. I visited with a “friend” who was really an ex-lover. I don’t recommend women to call men they’ve been sexually intimate with “friends.” Truth is, you’re ex-lovers. It distorts the energy.

When we arrived at the airport, my male cousins greeted us. Naturally, they wanted to know his intentions for me so they questioned him. “Are you planning on marriage and being together? What are your intentions?”

His response: “I’ll push Monique in a wheelchair if I have to.”


Watch the video below, or just keep reading below.

At that time, I thought it was so sweet and endearing. I thought to myself, “wow, when I become old and injured this man cares enough about me that he won’t leave. He’ll still push me in a wheelchair.”

It wasn’t until my departure flight back home that I had an epiphany. On that flight, the attendant approached the gentlemen sitting in the exit row. She said to them, “are you aware that you’re sitting in the exit row, and in case of an emergency are you able and willing to assist?”

The gentlemen nodded their head.

The flight attendant asserted, “Sir, I need a verbal affirmation from you.”


I was like, “oh, that’s it. I need a verbal affirmation instead of pushing me in a wheelchair.”

When a woman doesn’t know who she is or what she wants, she’ll fall for anything.

This is why men who say they’re not interested will continue to call and will continue to check in. It’s because we allow it to happen.

Here’s what I want you to take away.

How we do anything is how we do everything. During my conversation with this woman, I laid out the plan for her and gave her an option that would move her forward, and she couldn’t make a decision.

Eventually, I said the same thing as she said to the man. “Just so I don’t have to follow up with you for the next few weeks, tell me, is this something that you want?”

Whenever I speak to women, my goal is to empower them to make a decision, not necessarily to work with me because I’m not attached.

Instead, she was evasive.

After the conversation, I thought to myself… “look what’s happening.” She wanted the man to give her a decision, but yet, she couldn’t do it in her own life.

This is why I say Feminine Allure™ is a practice. It’s not about “I’m going to look a certain part and sweet talk men.”

You must be an energetic alignment to get your desires. Faith without works is dead.

So, where in your life are you not practicing your decision-making? Where in your life are you not practicing what it is that you desire?

Like the woman on the phone, perhaps you want a man to step up be clear to you, yet, you’re not able to make a same a similar decision in your own life. Is that the case for you? Just a thought.

But, when a woman makes an empowered decision, not one based in fear, she’s confident and influential because she won’t fall for anything.

When I guide women through the Feminine Allure Method, which are six sequential steps that helps you to own your femininity, attract the right man, and create a meaningful relationship, month one of the curriculum is discovering who you are and what you want. Then, month two is actually becoming that woman.

So your assignment is to ask yourself, “where am I out of alignment?”

I hope this message is landing with you today.

To your enhancement,


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