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Waiting on God Might Be Keeping You From Your Man

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I know you’re an attractive woman, and you’ve got good things going for you, yet people can’t seem to understand why you’re not snatched up yet.

I know it bugs you when people ask you that. Perhaps you respond, “I’m waiting to be found”, or “I just haven’t met the right man yet”.

Here’s what I know…waiting to be found is risky. And, dare I even say that waiting on God can be dangerous for your love life.

In this week’s video I share why, and what you can do instead of waiting on on your Boaz.

Watch the video below.

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  1. Basia

    Absolutely fantastic! This thing about waiting for God is so true . I know the story you quoted from the Bible and I always felt uncomfortable reading about the steps Ruth took. I thought it was Boaz who should have taken the steps. But now I started to think that ” he should” is a judgemental attitude. Anyway you message leaves me deep in thought 🙂 Thank you, thank you.


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