You Can Get Men to Give You What You Want

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Have you ever said, “I just wish I could meet a man who’s man enough to handle a woman like me?

If so, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that you’re not alone. I’ve said it often.

The bad news is that that’s why you don’t have what you want.

When I hear “man enough” what I hear is that you want to be protected, cherished, cared for. You want to be around someone who makes you feel more like a feminine woman. You want someone you respect enough to yield to.

You can absolutely have it… when you show up in a way that’s both powerful and feminine.

You see, when we say “man enough…” that indicates challenge. And as you can imagine, for women like us, we won’t get far with that perspective.

I encourage you to watch the 5 minute video for the full experience.

For women like us to get men to give us want we want, we have to come out of the challenge and step into invitation and inspiration.

You have to speak to a man in a way that invites him to step up, rather than challenges his ability to do so.

There are special strategies you can use to speak to a man so he can actually hear you and be in choice to give you what you need. 

If this appeals to you and your ready to invest in yourself in this way so you can boost your Feminine Allure™, I’ve opened up my calendar for tomorrow and Wednesday to speak with you.

Schedule your time for us to speak. Together, we’ll examine what’s not working in your love life, and map out a quick plan for your next steps.

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