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You’re a well-rounded woman. You’ve got an awesome career, and balanced life. You’re the woman who seems to have everything… except dates.

It’s not that you haven’t tried. You’ve developed a few techniques, but they’re not working.

You say you’ve tried online dating, but you’re joining free sites with low hanging fruit. Men don’t reciprocate, they don’t even call you back. 

You’ve tried to watch the plethora of femininity videos on YouTube, but you’re left feeling even more insecure.

You feel ashamed that you even have to watch a video or read a book, because you’re too smart to need help.

As a result, you begin to question yourself. You wonder if a healthy, loving relationship is meant for you. As successful as you are, why hasn’t this worked?

So you blame yourself.

  • “I’m not exotic”
  • “I’m not interesting enough”
  • “I don’t have what it takes to compete”

Then you’re left wondering, “Can I even have it? Is love even possible?”

Yes, it CAN happen for you.

But first, you have to operate under new rules and guidelines.  

Magnetizing a man is easy when you have clarity. Men love bold, beautiful women who know what they want.

That’s totally you! But if you’re not getting what you want, here’s why.

It’s because you have an opposing emotion actively blocking that desire. This emotion, more than likely, is fear. (It’s almost always fear.)  

The reason you’re not getting the kind of attention you desire – compliments, text messages, phone calls, dates, and invites – is because your rulebook is outdated.

You’re playing by rules that kept you safe, but now you’re trapped.

One of those rules is assuming you don’t have to put in work. That as a woman, “it’s just supposed to happen.” But it doesn’t work that way. That’s WHY you’re attracting low hanging fruit.

Low hanging fruit is just that. Easy to access, and not as valuable. And, when you join dating sites (especially the free ones) without Feminine Allure™, you’re just like everyone else.

Men see you as low-hanging fruit because you’re just putting yourself out there, like a free resume on free sites. You haven’t given any real strategy to your situation for custom results.

Think about it – Have you ever met anyone who REALLY got a job from Indeed?

These dating sites are Indeed for your love life – free, easy access, and low effort. Who wants that?

YOU ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE and that is fine.

Rejection is protection; but, it can make you feel like you are the problem when the truth is, you’re GOLD.

You don’t have the man you want yet – but it’s not because you’re not meant to have him.

You just have to take your power back and apply a new strategy.

I can teach you how. Stay tuned.

To your enhancement,


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