The Identity of an Alluring Woman

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There are specific practices you can do to adopt the identify of an alluring woman. 

We’ve talked about preparing your heart, but what about your home?

Our external environment is a reflection of our internal state. 

Preparing your home is not about being perfect. It’s about shifting your space – physically and energetically – to reflect your intentions.

When we haven’t prepared for what we’ve asked for, we create resistance against our desires. You move into the experience of being prepared and totally relaxed by removing that resistance and taking action.

I want you to step directly in the vibration of the Alluring Woman.

God always responds to our desires. He created a responsive universe and has the power to make heaven and earth move on your behalf.

Oftentimes, we’re the holdup.

You have to do your part so energy can flow confidently in the direction of your dreams. We give our vision assignment, as Isaiah 55:11 suggests, and are ready to receive. We do this by taking action to create the conditions for success.

It looks different for everyone, right? But when God gives us our next steps and we decline to execute, we throw the game.

My sacred marching order for you is to shift into alignment so the victory becomes yours.

Proverbs 28:20 declares a faithful man will abound with blessings. Show God that you’re ready to receive, by preparing your home with a faithful heart.

Men are visual creatures who love to fix things, so you don’t need everything to be perfect.

Men demonstrate interest through action. By upgrading your home’s love vibration, yet leaving just enough open, the right man will come in, see what you’ve created, and insert himself and his ideas in the picture.

Trust me, you won’t have to ask.

So my question to you is: What’s one small, self-loving solution that you can implement this week so your environment reflects your intentions?

To your enhancement,


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