How She Went From No Dates To THIS…

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I remember my first conversation with Angela. She came to me because she knew she had knowledge gaps. She wasn’t sending out the right signals. She saw opportunities but couldn’t take them because of insecurity or just plain not knowing what to do, and then experienced regret when she didn’t capitalize on the moment.

Do you have those, “I should’ve done that!” moments too?

Before joining the Feminine Allure™ program, it was her fear that stopped her, her lack of knowledge of how to move forward (especially after divorce), her feelings of unworthiness, and her lack of beliefs.

Angela knew that if she didn’t make a move and invest in mentoring she’d continue to ask herself, “why do I keep picking these guys?” by choosing lesser men who didn’t interest her for the long-haul. 

It was that same fear that made her hesitant to join the program. Her self-image and identity was blocking her. But as she tells it, she overcame that fear by simply deciding to do the work and put herself out there. 

Watch the video below to hear her story in her own words.

Since joining the program, Angela’s been on several dates, after a two year dry spell. More importantly, her self-image and confidence has soared so much so that’s she feels equipped and capable in her interactions with men.

She knows what she’s doing now by using the tools I’ve provided that allows her to show up differently and walk out her Feminine Allure™. 

As Angela puts it, “It’s not just lip service.  It’s something that’s changed on the inside. It’s not just me saying, ‘I feel worthy today.’ It’s real.” 

If you’re ready, like Angela was, to stop letting insecurity run the show, and start moving powerfully in your life so you can attract good men, date smarter, and feel good about how you show up, then the Feminine Allure Academy is for you.

The Feminine Allure Academy is an ELITE 12-month feminine development program with a results-oriented approach for ambitious women of faith who aspire to show up in their lives so they can attract their Mr. Right and more. 

If you know that’s you, then apply for the Feminine Allure Academy.

If you follow the system, not only are you guaranteed to have confidence and ease in yourself so you can attract men, but you’ll also learn how to use Feminine Allure™ in your job, your friendships, and to get whatever you want out of life.

Schedule your call and let’s talk. It’s move in the right direction because you’re totally worth it!

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True or False? I have at least one girlfriend I can be vulnerable with

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Learning how to navigate womanhood and relationships can be hard, awkward, lonely, frustrating, and just plain confusing. Sometimes, you need perceptive insight to help you figure this thing out, but you know you can’t talk to just anyone.

Tell me, does this sounds familiar?

  • You keep a lot of things inside because you’re not sure what kind of judgment you might get
  • The people in your life that you’re close to don’t share the same values or interests, so you don’t feel connected
  • You’ve got friends, but you find you can’t be vulnerable with them
You’re like, “who the heck can I talk to?”

You have a desire to talk to some girlfriends, but either:

  1. you just haven’t found the right people yet
  2. the women you know aren’t equipped to give you good perspective
  3. you don’t want to “vomit” on your friends anymore. They’re already frustrated.
You can’t talk to your mom. Sometimes you feel worse afterwards. She advises you to act in a certain way and you’re thinking, “But, I never saw you do it. How do you expect me to start something different when I inherited this from you?”
When women don’t have girlfriends to turn to, we find ourselves coping in other ways. We often participate in low quality pursuits: indulgence in low quality food, sex with randoms, alcohol, excessive shopping, etc.

What do you think?  Can you somehow relate?

If you find yourself in what I’ve described above, then I know what you need!

Watch this week’s video to discover more. 

This is your invitation to join the Feminine Allure Academy. 

The Feminine Allure Academy is a 12-month sacred training program for women who attract men, but find they don’t commit.

Here, you’re not made wrong for your feminine desires. Instead, this development program is a place where you’ll identify your feminine strengths so you develop your influence, presence, and allure.

I work with women who’ve been through some really tough stuff and turned to God to help them out, but they’re still a little rough around the edges and struggle with finding love because of it.

>> Book your Exploration Call <<

This call is not a “free advice session.” Instead, it’s powerful opportunity for me to assess where you’re stuck and if and how I can help you move forward.

Together, we’ll determine if this program is the right solution to help you get your desired results.

Looking forward to connecting.

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Your Need for Validation Is Making You Invisible

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It’s time to release the lies that limit in 2020, and beyond. It’s time to release the games. It’s time to release the need for approval and validation.

It’s the time of year I’m gearing up for Feminine Allure Academy, my 12-month development program for women who attract men, but they don’t commit.
This program is invite only so a conversation must be had to determine if a woman has the problems I solve.
I’ve been having conversations and I’ve been getting emails, and it’s the same thing.
There’s a guy who’s interested in you. He’s not want you want, but you keep him around.
When I ask why, the responses I hear simply boil down to this… the need for male validation.
Watch this week’s video where I reveal how this need will make you invisible.

I’m not into numbers, but I recently had my checks examined and I know that 20/20 presents sharp vision.
If you know you want to start operating at a level of sharpness, confidence, and feminine power especially with men, let’s talk.
To your enhancement,