The Well-Meaning, Yet Ill-Advised Advice

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As a woman of faith, you may have taken some time to appreciate the “gift of singleness,” but you’re ready for God to deliver your husband.

Some people, including dating experts, suggest “dating yourself” to speed up the process. This is well meaning, yet ill advised.



I’m not against self-care. Flawless hair, fresh nails, and an evening of delicious food make every woman feel great.

However, these things don’t provide the loving growth needed to experience deep love, which is tender, passionate, and transformational but requires partnership to work.

Deep love isn’t found via new bundles, nails, or reservations for one.

Deep love can only be found in equally yoked relationships.

Since there is a lid for every pot, the husband God has for you is currently praying for you.

He prays for the day he can bring you lunch and help you button up your dress for church. He prays just as hard, if not harder, than you are praying for him.

He would be honored to have you, so honor your desire to be claimed, okay?

If you’re over 30, single and unattached, and praying for deep love within the marriage covenant, listen up. It’s time to prepare for the thing you’ve asked for.
I’d love to help you.

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If you’re a focused woman who’s READY and COMMITTED to feel confident and capable to attract the man of your dreams, well before he crosses your path, then let’s talk.

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