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What women MUST know about the games men play

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Last week’s video  How Women Prepare Men For The Next Woman sparked a comment worthy of discussion.
The comment was “can we talk about the GAMES men play.”
My answer: NOPE
There are other channels and platforms for that. If I’m right about you, you’re here for the pursuit of Feminine Allure(tm)… a way of being that helps you get what you’ve been praying for in life and love.
What’s important for you to know is that men do play games, but not all of them.
What’s even more important to note is WHEN the games are being played rather knowing what the games are.
Watch this week’s video where I reveal why talking about the games men play will keep a woman attached to the anxieties of life and block her allure, energy, poise and intelligence.



When a woman knows a game is being played, she feels it. She can discern how she wants to move forward- whether that means lovingly releasing him back into the wild, investigating the games, or loving herself enough to exit the situation.
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