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God Why Havent You Sent Me a Man?

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What do you do when you feel abundant in all areas of your life, but you’re still lonely and don’t have a man?

You must be unwilling to be lonely any longer. That also means:

  • You must be unwilling to listen to unsolicited advice without discernment.
  • You must be unwilling to pretend a girl’s trip to Essence Fest will solve things.
  • You must be unwilling to hang out with women who don’t want what you want.
  • You must be unwilling to pretend this doesn’t keep you up at night when it does.

You want a man who loves you, adores you, and can hold you down. You know that you’re ready for him to be here NOW instead of later – but if you’re not on fire for love, you’re not going to get what you want.

Sometimes, we have to give a lot more effort than we’ve given before. You’ve built up a wonderful foundation for yourself. Now you get to develop another level of beauty – Feminine Allure – that will magnetize and attract the man you want, now.

But Isn’t That Getting in God’s Way?

It’s not uncommon to meet a woman who says she’s ready for love, but when I ask how it’s going, she’s “let go and let God.”

That’s cool and all, but aren’t you tired of waiting?

God is always available, but faith without works is dead. He needs you to acknowledge your needs and prioritize them, because He’s ready when you are. You just have to be committed to doing the work.

That’s the other part of what may be wrong here. You’re a rare and precious woman, okay? But if you’re hanging out where you don’t belong, lacking confidence in your value, and casting your pearls before swine, you’ll get nowhere either.

Get present to your desires and stop ignoring the work you need to do. The path to love is simple, but not easy, however you’re worth that challenge.

My system, the Feminine Allure Path to Love, teaches you how to:

  1. Use Your Feminine Allure
  2. Feel confident in your journey
  3. Meet your Mr. Right
  4. Experience deep love

Feminine Allure helps you put yourself first, stop settling for what’s not yours, and attract men interested in you from every angle. Are you ready to stop making excuses? Let’s talk.

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