How to Get Rid of Resting B*tch Face

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Believe it or not, with the heightened hysteria happening in the stores as a result of Coronavirus, it’s a real great time to meet men in the wild.

More specifically, it’s a great time to send out the right attraction signals so you give men the green light to approach you.

But because of the heightened hysteria, you might be out collecting supplies and simply feel like you don’t wanna be bothered Or, you might feel like you don’t really like people right now because of what you don’t see on the empty shelves.

Since I know you’re here as a single woman of faith who wants to attract a great guy, it’s imperative that you get rid of the resting b*tch face.

In this week’s video, I share a fun, yet practical tip to help you shift your energy in public so that you aren’t sending the wrong message.

Watch this week’s video to discover the tool.

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