Your Need for Validation Is Making You Invisible

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It’s time to release the lies that limit in 2020, and beyond. It’s time to release the games. It’s time to release the need for approval and validation.

It’s the time of year I’m gearing up for Feminine Allure Academy, my 12-month development program for women who attract men, but they don’t commit.
This program is invite only so a conversation must be had to determine if a woman has the problems I solve.
I’ve been having conversations and I’ve been getting emails, and it’s the same thing.
There’s a guy who’s interested in you. He’s not want you want, but you keep him around.
When I ask why, the responses I hear simply boil down to this… the need for male validation.
Watch this week’s video where I reveal how this need will make you invisible.

I’m not into numbers, but I recently had my checks examined and I know that 20/20 presents sharp vision.
If you know you want to start operating at a level of sharpness, confidence, and feminine power especially with men, let’s talk.
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