An Act in the Practice of Feminine Allure™

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I’m leaving Facebook. 

Here’s why I’m sharing this with you.

Because it’s an act in the practice of Feminine Allure™.

You see, as a business owner who’s business is online, it’s important to have online presence. By leaving Facebook and closing “The Alluring Woman” private group, I feared that I might miss out, or worse, that you’d forget about me.

As you already know, social media is skilled at getting us enamored with its vortex. Because I know me and I know that I have no chill, deactivating my account despite the fear of what my colleagues and mentors believe I should do, is an act of self-trust.

It’s an act of making decisions from a deeper place versus my rational mind.

It’s an act in the practice of self-mastery… of training my will to reach elite levels of success, to shut out the noise, and to be guided by my own internal compass.

It’s an act of relinquishing control… so I can increase my capacity to receive whatever experience will pass through me, ultimately allowing me to share more deep work with you.

Here’s why I’m sharing this with you. 

There comes a time when you have to stop running the same ol’ script.

For me, it was “I can wake up in the morning and NOT check my phone first thing.” Next thing I know, 45 minutes have passed, my spirit is uneasy, and I already feel behind before my feet even touch the ground.

For you, you might be telling yourself:

  • I’m going to put myself “out there”. Be more open, more available, more trusting, and then you don’t. Instead, you put more stuff on your plate to keep you busy and in avoidance.
  • Or, my heart is telling me to do this thing, but let me ask my sister and see if she thinks it’s a good decision first. Then, you get confused and you’re stuck in indecision all over again. 

Since you’re in pursuit of Feminine Allure™, you’ve got to commit to your own desires. Make a decision and stand on your decision, whether that means you:

  • Remove yourself from a “situationship” because you know it’s past its expiration date
  • Join a community/ business organization to be more visible or form relationships with other women
  • Create an online dating profile and be intentional about your love life
  • Hire a coach to keep to you focused and accountable

I can promise you, there’s freedom on the other side of your resistance.

So that’s what’s carrying me forward into the next level. How about you?

When it comes to your love life, what’s necessary for you, right now, to reach elite levels of success? Comment below and let me know. 

To your enhancement,


P.S. Here’s what’s influencing me right now. It’s a 13-minute video by Dr. Cal Newport, author of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. I thought you might get something out of it too.


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  1. Teresa

    I just love reading and listening to you. You are such a beautiful classy woman. You have been such great help. Months ago I too have removed myself from facebook. To much drama & unproductive time wasted. People made comments and couldn’t understand why. You find out who your true friends are. It was the best thing I ever did. I feel so much better about myself and life. To much social media. news has not benefited the quality of my life in any way. Time to focus on taking care of me and not worrying about what everyone else is doing or not doing. Much happier and less stress in my life.

  2. Tamala

    Thank you for sharing that video. It just confirmed what I’ve always thought about social media and I am glad there are still people out there that realize life extends far beyond social media even in business. There’s nothing better than a good old conversation or just sitting with a hardcover book and reading. We wonder why people can’t stay focused or sit still for designated periods of time (not all day 😉). To accomplish a task. I’ve often wondered how there could be joy in a moment when one has to constantly prepare and adjust for a video or photo of it. Anyhow, I won’t go on and on, but I’m with you on this Monique. I’m in the personal care business and I know for a fact I get better results in “person” connecting with people.

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