When You Are Tired of the Club….

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Many of the women who are ready to access my signature system come because they tell me they aren’t meeting men. They don’t know where to go, or they aren’t being approached.

But I know it’s never really that. There’s always something else that’s blocking.

What I hear is “Monique I’m great with people, but men don’t seem to like me.”

When I dig deeper, what we uncover is that many women feel uncomfortable talking to men.

Instead of showing up fully…confidently…alluringly… — Their insecurity is running the show.

So they’re showing up as helpful vs showing up as a woman who’s ready for a man on her level. 

This is ok if you like men who need your help. Honestly, a small part of you might want that and that’s because you like to be in control. 

But, if you want to meet and attract a masculine man you’ll have to do something differently. 

Watch this week’s video to discover how you can use the Feminine Allure Process™ to meet men anywhere, and how it doesn’t matter where you are if you know how to do these steps.

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