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You vs. You: Overcoming the Mediocrity Within

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Let’s talk about the resistance that comes up when you decide you are ready for your desires.

Readiness begins with a decision, but what happens when doubt starts to creep in?

I know you wake up everyday, at the top of your game, yet craving something different. Between a great career, family, friends, and a rich life, you want a fulfilling connection that takes everything to the next level.

It’s all yours for the taking, and it starts with a different level of decision-making.

But that different level of decision making makes you question yourself, “who she think she is?”

Last week, when I discussed how I prepared to have my daughter, one of my desires was to hire a cleaning service. My decision to pay for cleaning services brought several things to the surface about my worthiness and whether I was deserving of this decision.

I worried that hiring help reflected poorly on me. I questioned the decision, and wondered,

  • What does it say about me to have another woman come into my home and clean?
  • Can I even trust someone to clean my home?
  • Should I even spend money on this?
  • Maybe I’m just being lazy?

Now, my belly was swollen and I couldn’t move the way I wanted to because I was pregnant. It made perfect sense to hire help, but even my husband chided, “Don’t be actin’ brand new when they come to help you.”

My fearful thoughts about hiring help were all normal representations of resistance against this needed change. It brought up the mediocrity within.

All the fears that came forward when I leveled up were simply bringing up areas of stuckage I needed to move past to grow.

Can you relate?

If you’re currently in the process of making real life decisions, including investing in mentorship, you’ll experience stressful, fear-filled thoughts as you move up too.

When those attack thoughts come in, celebrate them. That means you’re pushing past your comfort zone. Embrace the fear as you head in the right direction.

By yielding to the greater direction of your desires, your life will shift and yield to support those desires. Whether you decide to invest in yourself through me or someone else, understand that your goal is to get aligned to the truth of your heart’s desires.

Here’s your next step.

First, your solution is to release all ideas that are not in harmony with your desires.

Next, ask yourself:

  • Who must you become to embrace your purpose, your next level?
  • Who is the woman who gets everything she wants?

See, I questioned my decision – and myself – until I realized who I would become.

I became the woman who allowed herself to have help. I became the woman who supported herself by financially supporting the business of another woman who would help me to go to the next level.

I became the woman who said “yes” to any and every investment she needed to make in order to create the life she desired and deserved.

At the end of the day, your desires must be greater than the fear that suppresses them. Aligning to fear is pledging allegiance to what scares you.

To abide by fear is to let it win, and that means making the choice to remain where you are.

You’re not meant to go backwards. You are here for a purpose.

Are you doing the things you’re supposed to be doing to get closer to your goals?

Do you feel totally confident in your ability to go against any ideas that keep you from your desires?

If you need help releasing what’s not in harmony, let’s talk.  Yes, you can hire me to assist you, especially if you want feel confident to attract the man that you want.

Until then, cling to what you know – that you deserve to have the love and richness you desire – and trust God in the process.

To your enhancement,

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